Caring for pearl jewelry, a necessary task

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Pearl jewelery is capable of showing the most feminine side of a woman. A magical combination of beauty, charisma and elegance characterizes such genuine gems organic that nature cultivates and gives to man. However, like all beauty, pearls can be ephemeral, because it can be affected by various causes. So, what can you do to take care of and extend the life of your pearls? Know through this article different ways through which you can care for and clean your pearls.

The pearl over the years has been confirmed as one of the precious stones most used by ladies. The brides, on the day of their wedding, generally wear a wedding band with a diamond or with a pearl. For a pearl jewel to be gifted to our future offspring, it must be treated with exquisite care.

Three basic cares for Pearl Jewelry

Although we consider the care that I will discuss below as basic and primary, many people are unaware of these, if this is your case, pay full attention:

  1. Store the pearls in the right place. When you’re not wearing your pearls, they should be in good hands. Keep them in a place where they cannot be scratched by other jewelry. You can use a small jewelery box exclusively for them, but be careful, the interior of this must be lined with a cotton fabric or any other that stands out for its softness, because the pearl is very sensitive and can be damaged by the first rough contact it suffers.
  2. Avoid substances that are harmful to pearls, oils, makeup and perfumes contain chemicals that are harmful and affect the natural shine of so sensitive gems. If you are wearing a pearl bracelet or earrings made of this precious stone make sure they do not come into contact with any of these substances. Also when washing your pearls you should not use chlorine, ammonia or common cleaner because they contain agents that attack the nacre of pearls, and in the long run, they lose their luster.
  3. Change the string of the pearl pendant. So that your pearl necklace does not deteriorate, you have to change the cord that supports them. I also recommend that you ask the jeweler who made your pendant, to tie the cord between each pearl, to avoid that the friction of one with another causes the deterioration of all, in addition, if the necklace breaks you would only lose one pearl.

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How to clean pearls?

Pearls can be cleaned in different ways. The first thing you should do is avoid the accumulation of dirt. After wearing the jewel , you should lightly rub each pearl with a corduroy cloth, thus removing any dust that could stick to it while you were wearing it.

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A very efficient home method is the following: in a container pour warm water and introduce a neutral soap. Dip the piece of pearls and let it rest for a few minutes. Then with a soft cloth go little by little rubbing each pearl. Rinse well with clean water and dry with a fine cloth.

I hope you already know how to help your pearl to always look new and shiny, which will make you always look spectacular. I invite you to comment on the article on Facebook. Greetings and see you soon.

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