Erotic jewelry: design and desire

To deal with a subject as delicate as eroticism has historically been, we have to talk to certain words. You have to have very clear concepts so as not to confuse eroticism with mere pornography. That is why with brief words we must understand what the word eroticism represents and what is its scope.

The word eroticism is of Greek origin and is a term that when used refers to human love passion fused with sensuality. More than the mere physical sexual act, eroticism contains a mutual desire, a romantic love; it’s a feeling.

girl with a lot of jewels

Eroticism is and has been a servant of art. Sculpture, photography, painting, cinema, in all these arts, the erotic has been the main theme on multiple occasions. Just to exemplify in the literary field, the Marquis de Sade, although in his time he was branded as depraved and a transgressor of social morality, is currently considered one of the most representative exponents of literary eroticism.

An ancient craft has debuted as art. Jewelry is already considered, with clear justice, an art and the jewelry designer is an artist. As an art that it is, jewelry is not alien to eroticism and when a designer or goldsmith creates a jewel under that erotic feeling or under an inspiration of this cut, they can create an erotic work, in this case a erotic jewel.

The contemporary woman is undoubtedly more independent, more entrepreneurial and has broken with those old canons centuries past and retrograde thoughts. That is her main weapon, that is the erotic touch of the woman of the current century. But it also continues to have that femininity and sensuality that women naturally possess. To be in tune with this amalgam of characteristics of modern women, erotic jewels have been positioned.

Erotic jewelry

Erotic jewels are those that by themselves evoke desire. They are able to highlight, with absolute subtlety, the figure of the woman. The long earrings are capable of making women’s necks shine, one of the most erotic areas in them. The pendants that highlight the bust, the bracelets highlight the wrists and hands, as well as the legs, since the use of ankle bracelets is very widespread.

Silver has been a symbol of eroticism. Silver, representative of the moon, has been understood as a sensual precious metal, therefore a silver jewel (let us always remember the need for an appropriate design) is the perfect erotic jewel. The sinuous, geometric jewelery designs are perfect to pair with silver. The erotic silver jewelry on a woman’s body can have a real power of attraction; she will be the true goddess Venus.

exotic pendant of colors

As the erotic is also related to love, a erotic jewel can be one that our partner He has given us as a gift, with the intention of using it on special occasions. Receiving a jewel as a gift, with an exclusive design and impressive, is one of the most traditional ways of saying: I love you.

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