Giving jewelry at Christmas is a sure hit

small christmas giftChristmas gifts involve a thousand common problems that we will not get into: logistics, budget, time to find them, to think about them even … all of them are overcome with some organization, but we all know the critical moment of Christmas: when you give a gift, and you hope that person likes it. You must know that person, and you must touch their soul.

And giving jewelry at Christmas is one of the surest ways to overcome this critical moment. Because they reach straight to the heart.

Implications of a jewel

A gem is not silly. We are not talking about minutiae, or engagement gifts. I’m talking about those gifts for your narrowest circle: your partner, wife, your husband, your mother … these gifts not only cannot be done in any way, but they have to come within them. They are gifts that must mean something:

  • Your love.
  • Your admiration.
  • The importance they have for you.
  • How much you value all their effort and everything they do for you.
  • Your wish that they feel loved.

A gift that, when opened, brightens the eye. You already know what look I am talking about, because you will have been successful with gifts on other occasions and you know exactly what it is like. That’s why you want to see it again.

Options to give jewelry at Christmas

Therefore, with a jewel you know that you are going to get inside. Now, not just any jewel is worth it. You have to select based on a series of points.

  • What is your budget? This is the first thing, at least to make you a composition of place. Buying a jewel is always going to involve an outlay, but depending on your possibilities and the nature of the gift, you can choose between an infinite number of options. Earrings and pendants for her, cufflinks for him, rings for both… The budget will depend mainly on the materials (metals and gems used), and the design.
  • Man or woman? Giving a jewel seems limited to women, but the distinguished man knows how to appreciate and wear his own jewelery. And they give you much less. Perhaps this Christmas is the perfect time to give away some exclusive original cufflinks. And, if the man in question usually wears a tie, then you will surely hit with an Onasys Needle.

blue cufflinks

  • Which piece to choose? Each piece has implications, derived from the piece itself, and the message it represents. For example, the greatest romantic charge usually comes in a ring: perhaps as an echo of a past or future wedding (or just imagined), giving a ring to your partner shouts LOVE from the rooftops. But be careful with this : things that impact, impact because they are sporadic. If you give one ring after another, the surprise disappears, and so does the special meaning of giving a ring. That is why beautiful earrings, or a pendant with a special message or design, are highly demanded jewelry during Christmas. And they always succeed. What woman doesn’t like being able to choose from several beautiful pieces from her jewelry box?
  • What is your style? Each person has their style and preferences. Some are obvious and easy to know: no matter how little you know that person, you will know if silver or gold is more suitable, and you will also know the type of gem that attracts them, if it is more pearls, diamonds… and then already the finer details come. Will you like more geometric lines or organic shapes? Classic or innovative style? Subtle or cheeky? In our jewelry catalog you will find pieces for all tastes, I recommend that you take a look, even if it is to discard or point out style possibilities.
  • What if you customize it? A jewel is always a hit. But you can make that hit even deeper, and nail your gift to his heart forever. How? With personalized jewelry. A personalized jewel, if you follow my blog you already know, it means creating an exclusive and unique love message for that person. Why not give that ring she told you about? Why not give him some personalized cufflinks that are truly in tune with him? Why not imagine a pendant with your secret symbols, those that only you know?

At Christmas you can miss or you can get it right. If you want to make sure of the second, you know: give jewelry. And it goes to the heart by showing how much you care and mean to you.

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