Giving personalized jewelry is a sure hit

exclusive jewel

Surely it has happened to you at some time: you have an important gift to give and you don’t know where to go. A gift for your partner, or for a really close family member or friend, people with whom you want to show off.

Gifts where it is important to get it right.

But how to be sure? It is impossible to know! Or not. There is a gift that always works , in JSecrets Diseño we have already checked it hundreds of times. It consists of giving personalized jewelry, we explain the whole process in this page. And these are the reasons that make it a sure hit for both men and women.

First: a jewel is a jewel

Let’s start with the basics, and that is that a jewel is a gift with connotations that go further. You don’t give a jewel to just anyone, it is not your typical engagement gift.

A jewel is a valuable object, not even because of the materials themselves: silver, gold, gems… And that without counting on the beauty of the design itself.

Second: we love having something exclusive

exclusive diamond pendant

Exclusivity like. It makes one feel special. It is not the same to have something that others also have, than to have something that only you will have. The personalized pieces are guarantee of exclusivity: the designs created are unique and are not reused for other people. The piece you give away is a small and unique work of art, and that makes the person who receives it value it even more.

Third: we are excited that you think of us

We all like them to think of us. When they give you a special gift, which is clearly chosen thinking about the things you like, you always have a good taste in your mouth. Well now imagine the taste in the mouth that that person will have when you give them a jewel that has been designed with them in mind.

Fourth: we value the effort of having done it yourself

handmade bracelet

A purchased gift may or may not be liked, and what is appreciated is the effort you put into buying it. Although in the end, it is only money.

But a gift made by one has the plus of implication. The effort goes beyond the money you have, and takes the form of time and thoughts invested in the gift of that loved one.

Imagine the face of that special person when they discover a jewel that you have designed yourself. A piece that, if it has the shape it has, is because you thought it that way so that it would like it.

Fifth: we love that they know us

The icing on the cake, what gives the gift the finishing touch to be perfect, is that you know that person, and that person will know it.

When they give you a personalized pendant, a ring, or some personalized cufflinks with some important reason for you, or designed according to your tastes, when you see that not only have you thought it through and put all your love, but also they have done it because they know you and love you as you are… Then the impact of that gift goes to the bottom, to the heart.

Because no gift speaks of the gift itself. A good gift, a gift that reaches the heart, is only talking about the people who exchange it.

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