Hand Care: Infallible Tips

hands care

Show off flawless hands and highlight your rings

It is said that the hands can tell countless stories about a person’s life. The hands reflect the age, origins and habits of an individual. There is little use in dressing up in fancy clothes and wearing sparkling rings, if your hands and nails are neglected. Hand care is as important as facial and body care.

The hands play a major role in communication and body expression. They can even be described as the most used part of the body. Your hands are a precious gift from life, they are the best tools we have and they are on display, just as much as your face. Therefore it is your responsibility to take care of them with care.

Well-groomed hands and nails will make a very positive impression and allow your most beloved rings to show off as they deserve.

So that you can get soft, young and beautiful hands and spectacular nails, I invite you to read this article and start putting the following tips into practice.

Tips for Proper Hand Hygiene

  • When washing your hands, it is advisable to use alcohol-free products and perfumes that are not aggressive to the skin.
  • Soaps that are mild. Avoid using hot water. When finished, dry them well with a cotton towel.
  • It is important to bear in mind that when you wash your hands, you break the skin’s natural protection barrier and that is why it is advisable to avoid abrasive products, so moisturizing creams should be applied frequently.

Tips to protect your hands

For housework, wear latex or rubber gloves to prevent your hands from being in direct contact with aggressive compounds.

Wear gloves whenever you are going to use cleaning products and when doing gardening activities to protect your hands and nails. In the winter wear gloves when you go outside. It’s not just about warming your hands, but also about preventing them from drying out or cracking in the winter air.

Throughout the year, every time you go to expose yourself to the sun, protect your hands by applying a sunscreen.

Hydration of the hands

hands hydratation

To hydrate your hands you should use a moisturizer daily. You should apply it several times a day, so it is recommended that you carry it in your bag when you leave the house.

Apply a dose of moisturizer in the center of the palm of one of your hands and begin to rub them gently to distribute it well between both hands.

When you apply the moisturizer you can massage from the tips of the fingers to the wrist, with circular and gentle movements. If you want an intense relaxation effect, you can use an almond oil to give yourself the massage.

The hand massage in addition to being relaxing, will help you reduce stress and numbness in the hands.

If you have cracks in your hands, it would be a good idea to add a few drops of olive or almond oil to your cream at night to hydrate them in depth.

Nail care

nails care

To show beautiful and luminous hands, you should also give your nails special attention by following these steps:

  1. Clean your cuticles and excess skins that come out around the nail.
  2. File them delicately.
  3. Avoid biting them. If you have trouble controlling it, Use specific products, as their sour taste will allow you to forget to bite them continuously.
  4. To achieve smoother and healthier hands, and a beauty in the nails that you can show off after finishing the whole process, it is appropriate to perform a hand massage with a good moisturizing cream, which It will also help keep your skin in good condition to withstand the onslaught of the weather.
  5. Choosing a good polish is the basis for finally making your nails shine, be it with paraffin, gel or shine, it is recommended that the enamel last as long as possible because it will be of much higher quality. Also, do not forget to use those enamels with vitamins and hardening properties, in the event that your nails are brittle.

Combine the colors of your nails with your rings

I recommend you combine the color of your nails with the color of the stones of your rings, so that you provide a much more original style to your hands.

If you wear large rings, keep in mind that they will draw attention to your hands, so remember to keep them neat. Also try to match the color of the nail polish with your overall wardrobe and avoid large rings if you are wearing a multi-colored manicure because it will not look elegant.

You already have impeccable hands and nails for wear your rings at any time of the year. What are you waiting to show your hands?

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