How to choose necklaces and pendants to match you

A necklace, or a chain with a good pendant, is one of the pieces of jewelry that stands out the most in your outfit.

It has an unavoidable attraction in the eyes of anyone, and this is usually a good thing. But it can also be bad, if you chose the wrong necklace for your outfit… Or the wrong outfit for your necklace.
In this article I leave you some tips that I hope will be useful to you. But first, a first warning:

Your necklace is not only a jewel: it is a tool

The golden rule that will help you choose your necklace is to take it, first of all, as a tool.

Since the necklace or pendant will attract all eyes, you can use it to direct those gazes to where you want , and move them away from where you want to move them away. And by adapting its style to your body, you will be able to balance your image.

This is of the utmost importance, as you will see in the following points.

Necklaces and pendants depending on the physique

Do you know that black man gets thinner and white man gets fatter? Or what about using vertical stripes for thicker people, because the horizontal ones make you look plump? Well, something similar happens with necklaces. Depending on their shape or style, they will help to enhance your most favorable features, and attenuate those that are less so… Or the other way around.

Girl with a necklace

  • According to your neck
    • Women with long necks can perfectly use short necklaces or chokers . These “cut” with elegance, bringing harmony and balance to your figure. A long necklace that you can give several turns also looks great on a slender neck.
    • For women with a shorter neck , on the other hand, a short necklace or pendant does not suit too well. By splitting it in half, it makes it visually even shorter, so what this physiognomy calls for is a long necklace . Combined with a good cleavage, it will help lengthen the neck in the eyes of others, by moving the point of view more towards the chest.
  • According to your bust
    • Women with a lot of chest can use their necklaces to look away from them, using chokers or short pieces that divert attention. The larger and longer ones should be avoided, and especially the Y-shaped pendants, which enhance cleavage.
    • On the contrary, women with little chest who want to enhance it, will achieve it with a long necklace , or a pendant at the neckline.
  • According to your height
    • It’s not that tall women have to wear short necklaces. But short women should avoid long necklaces, as these will accentuate their short stature.

Necklaces and pendants depending on clothing

Be careful because we are entering phase 2. First is your physique, which is what it is. Then comes your outfit, which you choose. And this will be the second filter: choosing the right necklace or pendant depending on the clothes you are wearing. And more specifically of your neckline.

  • For example, if you do not wear a neckline because you wear a high neck or swan, your look is crying out for a long necklace or pendant.
  • For a V-neckline, a shorter necklace fits wonderfully, which balances your entire image.

Girl with jewelry

  • Strapless necklines , on the other hand, are much better suited to chokers and short necklaces, which leave adequate space for skin between the neck and the chest.

It is a question of proportions: the height and The importance of the necklace should be balanced with the amount of skin you show, and the neckline shape.

Again, think of the pendant as a tool, and when you look in the mirror, check that your physique, your clothes and your necklace form a balanced and harmonious whole, starting from the previous indications.

Ready to go out and dazzle!

Pendant or necklace?

There are no rules here: depends on you and your style . The necklace, by its nature, tends to distribute the attention “across the board”, spread over the entire necklace, or most of it: think of a pearl necklace, or a tribal with stones.

With the pendant it is different. With a pendant you focus all your attention on a single point, the central piece. That is what makes these pieces ideal for messages loaded with symbolism, in a personalized pendant just for you: anyone in front of you will be automatically attracted to that jewel, and will receive the message that you want them to receive.

Pink necklace

This means that you will do the game especially with the length of the chain , to adjust the leather-jewel-leather-fabric proportions until it is at the exact height to be perfect.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful to you. Do not hesitate to leave us your opinion about it, and if you want to receive practical or style advice like these, and much more, subscribe to our newsletter!

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