How to combine metals in your jewelry?

silver and gold bracelet

Beyond fashions, there is a secret not to go wrong when combining metals in your jewelry.

Can gold and silver be mixed?

The myth that this mixture can give you bad luck is no longer valid. Our answer is yes, as long as it is done without excesses and obeys minimum criteria.

The main one is good taste, but to help you in the choice we are going to propose a series of keys that you should not skip.

Some keys to combine metals in your jewelry

  • That you do it in the same piece.

Today there are combined metal jewelry whose result is surprising. Only those of us who are dedicated to jewelry design know how to make the ensemble balanced and elegant in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

If you are looking for an exclusive and personalized piece, at JSecrets we can help you create it and mix different metals if it is your choice.

  • Have a similar shape.
  • That you mix tones in the same type of jewel.

ring made of silver and gold

Imagine three bracelets with the same shape but in three different colors: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. If you choose them of different thickness, the mixture can collide but if they are identical or similar, the set achieves the opposite.

A good example is this classic from Cartier from the Trinity collection, with the three shades of gold.

It is a basic rule when combining metals and the goal is always to achieve a set that does not clash. Wearing silver earrings and a gold necklace is not advisable, however mixing several necklaces in yellow gold and white gold is a trend today.

That you bet on a leading metal.

As in the look of your clothes, in jewelry the ideal is also to choose a metal (tone) that has the main role and introduce small doses of another. That almost priceless ‘presence’ can make a difference.

We already told you here the basic rules for combining your clothes and your jewels. Colors are the key. Therefore, if risk is not your thing, you can choose to combine only white metals such as silver, white gold or platinum, or gold metals such as gold and bronze.

And in addition to the amazing mix that can come from combining metals, you can’t imagine how much a piece of jewelry can win with the help of a jewelry expert. Rubies with white gold, for example, is a sum that never fails.

Remember that there is never a strict rule and you have the last word when choosing your jewelry. They are the best way to convey your personality.

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