How to improve your personal style? Basic ingredients

personal style

Changes are difficult, I know. And when we talk about improving your personal style even more. I constantly try to change things in my life and many of these attempts remain, it is just that, attempts; however I do not give up. Day after day, week after week, month after month, I am seeing progress. Sometimes I take two steps forward and brake, trying to find that balance, little by little I have achieved great positive changes in my life, both personally and at work; and thus improving the way I present myself to the world. Although the first key piece to advance and improve is knowing where you want to go. But we’ll talk about this another time.

It said the Dr. Mario Alonso Puig in his book “Now I”: People do not really change, until we see the consequences of not doing so.

This article is about the psychology of change, specifically applied to improving your personal style. I think it’s important to talk about the mindset and systems that are necessary to make this change in our lives. To help you in this process, I have created this article based on what I have learned and experienced.

How to improve your personal style?

To undertake any change in our lives it is necessary to become aware of the limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that prevent us from achieving the desired objectives. It is said that more than 90% of people do not meet the goals that are set in the new year. So if you really want to start looking better and change your personal look, you will have to stockpile a good dose of these 3 ingredients:

Personal Motivation


To get a high personal motivation it is essential to have a very specific reason why you want to improve your image and personal style. Maybe you want to get a job for which a very good image is required or maybe you are single looking for a partner and want to renew your image to make a more favorable first impression, each of us must have a clear personal reason to keep us motivated enough . Or simply to find yourself comfortable and better with yourself.

Whatever that personal reason is, write it down and keep it highly visible.

Social Motivation

social motivation

See if you are creating the conditions in your environment to drive that change you are looking for. Having someone you can learn from is very important. Search your networks of friends and contacts who can advise you to improve your image. Follow a blog about fashion, there are people who know a lot about fashion and provide very good information through advice and suggestions for free. You can look at the dress style of the people around you and that will give you ideas to improve your own, without forgetting that each style is unique, and that you must set your own trend.

If you never go out, and you spend the day working or locked up at home, it is a bit difficult to feel motivated to improve your personal style. A good idea is to plan outings to places where you can wear the wardrobe and jewelry that you want to incorporate into your new look.

It is also recommended that you be part of an environment or a group of people that encourages you to improve your image to convey the message you want according to your objectives.

Personal skill

It’s about learning the personal skills we need to improve our personal style. As for example for men, learning to tie the tie knots correctly so that they are more elegant, women learn to choose jewels that combine appropriately with their wardrobe. These are skills that can be improved with practice.

If you start investing money in new clothes and accessories without being very clear about what you need to buy to really improve your personal style, you are going to spend money on things that do not fit. well or that they do not fit the image you want to offer of yourself to the world.

What do you think of these three factors? Have you ever tried to improve your personal image? What have you done to achieve it? I’d love to read your comments.

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