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The custom of giving gifts is as old as man. Since time immemorial, gifting has been considered part of the exchange and social communication. Giving is a powerful channel of communication and a very beautiful and rewarding gesture to express our affection for others.

When we give a gift to another person, we are transmitting a message without words, and if we do it correctly, we will strengthen the bonds that bind us to them. Numerous specialists in the field of psychology and personal development point out that giving improves our self-esteem and gives us a more pleasant feeling, even than receiving gifts. Therefore giving is an occasion to feel good and make our loved ones feel good.

I have looked for the meaning offered by the Royal Academy of Spanish Language for this special word, and it says that giving is giving someone, without receiving anything in return, something as a sample of affection or consideration or for another reason.

It is very important to take into account the personality and tastes of the person to whom we are going to gift, because if what you receive seems inappropriate, you could interpret that we do not know you as believed. We must be careful that the gift does not contradict its values ​​or principles, since we can create an uncomfortable situation and transmit the wrong message.

To give you an example, if you are going to give your partner and she is an animal defender, it would not be appropriate for you to give her a rabbit fur coat…

Keep in mind the sensitivity of the person to whom you are going to give, every detail counts, from the gift itself, to the way of wrapping it and the moment and the way in which you deliver it. If we learn to give correctly, we will feel better and make those we love feel happy, turning the action of giving into a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our relationships.

You put all your love and best intention, but your gift is not received with the emotion and surprise you expected.

Do you want to make sure you find the perfect gift for that person?

Follow these 5 recommendations and you will not fail.

Personalized gift: The perfect gift

blue gift

It is the one that is personalized, that is, it has been specially chosen for your recipient, considering their tastes, beliefs, philosophy of life, desires. Consequently, my first recommendation to choose the ideal gift for another person is to get to know him or her better, gathering as much data as possible about him or her. Pay attention to her conversations, the activities she does, her hobbies, all of them will give you clues about what kind of gift could surprise her.

List of possible gift ideas

My second recommendation is that you prepare a list of ideas for possible gifts. Write in a notebook everything you think he might like. Do not judge your occurrences, no matter how crazy they seem. Finally, choose from among all the alternatives on your list, the three ideas that seem most special to you. Take into account the availability of what you need, the order time, the price and consistency with the values ​​of the person to whom you are going to give.

Imagine in great detail the moment of giving the gift

Visualize the delivery scenario, and think with which of the possible gifts selected in point 2 you will feel the happiest. Play to guess which one would be more excited to receive from you.

Select the gift that has caused you the best feelings

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The next step is to find it, create it or have it manufactured. Do not neglect the presentation of the gift, as it is a very important part of the message you convey. Wrap it carefully, keeping in mind who it is intended for. Consider whether you prefer a discreet package or a large box that takes a long time to unwrap. One detail is to add a card with your message and include it in the gift.

Enjoy the experience

It seems obvious, but there are many people who feel compelled to buy gifts, and in this way they buy them reluctantly, which is a shame. The act of giving is an experience that should be rewarding and fun, it should be an opportunity to say many positive things about who we are. Have fun because you are creating a surprise that will brighten another human’s day, and that is invaluable.

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