How to make up my jewelry box?

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Beauty transcends physical characteristics. It is much more than a pretty nose, a toned body or a symmetrical face. Over the centuries, people have woven their own image using all available resources: internal tools such as improving language, gestures and expressiveness, and tools of external origin, such as clothing and jewelry.

Women fashion icons like Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, wore their jewelry not as accessories, but as an extension of themselves. Perhaps that is where the great secret lies: the people we consider the most interesting and seductive are the ones who build their external image to match their personality.

Of course, not all women share the same tastes when it comes to their jewelry, but that is a wonderful thing that adds creativity and authenticity.

I intend that this article is a guide to help you find that set of jewelry that will mark your unique personal style.

6 Tips for wearing jewelry that match your unique style

1. Explore your treasure box

Take a look at the jewelry you currently own in your jewelry box. Are there pieces that you wear just out of habit or for sentimental reasons?

In other words, do the jewels you light represent who you are? If not, you may need to identify those pieces that you don’t like very much and put them aside for now.

Now focus on the jewelry that you do like. Place them on your dresser and observe them carefully.

What are the characteristics of your jewelry that you would highlight?

What stones do they have? What precious metals are they made of? What styles and shapes are you drawn to?

So you will be able to define your own style. But remember, the style does not have to be something rigid or regulated, it is better that you can feel that your style is fluid, multifaceted and that it evolves with you. I always recommend that my clients allow themselves the freedom to experiment.

Try on some of your favorite pendants, earrings and bracelets with different clothes to find what suits you the most. Know your jewels well, in short they are your allies.

2. Invest in a string

Sometimes pendants can look dated or be mistaken for costume jewelery, not because of the pendant itself but because of the chain. A good quality chain, with an original, different link of the correct length, can transform even the cheapest locket into an interesting accessory.

Depending on your budget and style, you can invest in a pair of metal chains that best suits your needs.

The ideal length and thickness of your chains will depend on your height, your hair style, the clothes you normally wear and, of course, your personal preferences.

If you like necklaces in layers or at different heights, you may want to consider the idea of ​​an XXL-length chain, so that you can loop it two or three times around your neck. You will surely be surprised by the results, they will give a new version to your pendants.

Once you are clear about your needs, you can contact your trusted jeweler for personalized advice.

3. The search for pendants for your collection

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Now that you have quality chains that match your style, you can look for charming pendants to add to your personal collection. A highly recommended option is to have at least one custom design pendant. A jewel with an exclusive design that identifies you. For this type of pendants it is best to have the creativity and quality of the work of a professional jewelery designer.

4. Organize and safely store your pendants

You may have a lot of very nice old pendants on damaged chains. You can get rid of the chains that you no longer use and put all your pendants in transparent bags, separated from each other, thus protecting them from scratches and keeping them in your jewelry box. In this way, each time you want to wear a pendant, you can open your jewelry box and choose the best option that fits your mood, your suit and the chain that stands out the most.

5. Recycle

Remember those pieces you put aside when you were examining your treasure box? Now is the time to take another look at them.

Is there one that you would love to show off, but that is somehow spoiled or no longer suitable for regular use?

You can give it a new try, changing its use, for example using a brooch as a pendant. If you are not sure how to do this, you could enlist the help of an expert.

6. Be true to your tastes

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You can be bold and interesting, mixing the new and the old, the colorful with the simple, the classic with the modern. For example, classic clothes look great with modern jewelry.

The important thing is that you are true to what you like and what is meaningful to you. Only then can you achieve a unique style according to your personality.

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