How to take care of a jewel?

Jewelry can become an object that we truly adore and revere for what it means to us. By this I mean that many pieces can have much more than a mere economic value and remind us of someone or a special moment in our lives.

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That is why this jewel is unique to us and its loss would cause us inconsolable sadness. In the article that I present here today I give you a series of tips and tricks, many of which you can do at home to give your jewel a longer life span and in better condition.

It is necessary that you know, first of all, that the care that should be given to a jewel must at all times be jewel, that is, it must be treated with great care and darling. Here we will tell you how to store the jewels so that they do not spoil .

Pay attention to these simple tips that can make your jewel always look new and spectacular .

How to care for a silver jewel

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1. The best medicine is precaution. We must not neglect our jewel and then pretend that by using a series of products we are going to fix the damage caused. That is why women should not expose their rings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry for long periods to sun, sea water and they should be kept in a jewelry box that is internally covered with fabric.

2. Bleach, ammonia, alcohol and chlorine can cause permanent damage to your piece, which is why you should use less aggressive products such as a detergent with a low percentage of phosphate. You can also prepare a home remedy that you always have on hand. Baking soda is also useful for removing light stains on our silver objects, rubbing it on the surface of our jewelry cleans the stains and oxidations of the silver.

How to care for a gold jewel

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1. For the care of gold the same treatment and care requires that of silver. We must always protect them from any natural alteration, if we want our jewelry to always be impeccable.

2. With the frequent use of our jewels, a thin gray or white layer is created that adheres to the gold rings. Sometimes this dirt can be removed with a simple eraser. If this dirt reaches places of the jewel that we cannot access, especially due to the design of the jewel, it is recommended that you go to an expert so that he is the one who cleans it without damage it. The best cleaning is to subject our jewel to an ultrasound bath, this will leave it as new.

How to care for a gem with stones

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1. If your piece is a jewel with pearls, as well as earrings could be, your work is simplified, since its care is easier than in the case of others precious stones. Cultured pearls do require more attention; the most important thing is not to expose them to oils, perfumes and other abrasive products.

2. The favorite of the ladies: the diamond, is a hard stone and resistant; however, it can be scratched with other diamonds, which is why you have to save individually each diamond jewel you have.

I hope you take these recommendations well so that your designer jewels are preserved and continue to charge your style with beauty and charisma. If you liked the article, recommend reading it to your friends on the networks. Greetings.

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