Jewelry, accessories to highlight your charms


Each person has their own charms, but not everyone knows those little tricks capable of enhancing the beauty of those charms. Undoubtedly, the clothes and other accessories that a woman can wear, not only says who she is and what her tastes are, but also determines how she will look at each moment of the day.

The universe of jewels has a purpose that goes beyond the mere ornamental function that is sometimes attributed to it. The jewels are accessories that can effectively direct the gaze to an area of ​​our body that we want to highlight and divert attention that could fall on areas of our figure that we do not like. Rings, pendants, handles or bracelets and earrings or earrings are the perfect protagonists to dazzle with your appearance, use them wisely and in the right areas.

Get to know yourself first

The first recommendation that I should give you is the following: you need to know your body to know which areas you should highlight. To properly exploit those physical attributes that you have, it is essential that in front of a mirror you carefully divide your figure so that you determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Stylish earrings

fashion earrings

If you have the so-called ballerina neck, that is, one that stands out for being long and thin, the long earrings are made for you. The long earrings are very striking and charismatic, they can make you look very elegant. Use exclusive designs of gold and silver and combine them with the best pieces of your wardrobe.

Sensual pendants

sensual pendant

If you want to highlight your bust, the best thing is to use pendants a little shorter, that is, they are on your chest but without touching your breasts. To give it a very chic touch, you must choose a pendant that says something about you, for example: if you are a faithful lover of love, a heart or any other stylish shape that symbolizes it for you is the right choice. . If you are a girl with a low bust and a more modern and daring look and you wear a top from time to time, the long pendants of circular beads or irregular geometric shapes are for you.

Delicate hands

If your hands are characterized by being thin with elongated and delicate fingers, you should give them at least one ring. A fine and classy model is capable of making any woman look like a high society lady, that is why I recommend you choose carefully the ring that you want to give yourself. Keep in mind that pearl designer rings are an option that you should consider. Of course, if you are going to use a ring, you must keep your nails well groomed at all times.

Highlight the eyes and lips

If you want your gaze to reach everyone you look at with intensity, I give you the formula here. Combine the color of your eyes with gemstone earrings and semi-precious stones that are similar in tone to the iris of your eyes. Emeralds for green eyes, for blue eyes nothing better than the wonderful sapphires and aquamarines.

If what you want is to highlight the sensuality of the lips and the sinuous curve of Cupid that your upper lip has, the color red can help you, remember that this is the preferred color of the divas of the cinema . In this case, they are small earrings with rubies the ideal, since due to the metallic oxides contained in this gem, it has an intense red color.

I hope you put into practice each of the tips that I have offered here. Greetings and I await your comments on social networks.

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