Jewelry by day, jewelry by night

spectacular sunset

If there are two beautiful things that nature offers us every day, they are sunrise and sunset, two magical moments that we live every day but that we rarely observe them as they are. deserve. Who has not seen a beautiful sunrise from a mountain or a majestic sunset from the sea. Those two moments make the distinction between day and night, they may seem similar but they are not. Day and night are totally different moments, we cannot do the same or look the same since light and darkness make us transform.

Day look vs night look

During the day we dress differently than we dress at night. Not only on special occasions but throughout the week, we choose to dress in a different way. Bright colors and joy are more conducive to the day while solid colors such as black are the main protagonists of the night. According to the wedding protocol, long dresses are suitable for weddings in the afternoon and evening, while the short is appropriate for celebrations that take place in the morning.

Moments of the day and the jewels

As with clothing, we must choose well the jewelry we wear at all times. For this reason, from this blog we are going to give you a series of tips so that you can choose your jewelry appropriately at any time of the day.

Brights for the night

jewels for the night

The best option for the night is the highlights, although many women are reluctant to wear them. As we have mentioned previously, dark and muted colors are chosen at night, so it is necessary that you bring a touch of light to your wardrobe. Deciding to bet on a beautiful pendant that shines or a ring with a beautiful gemstone you will be giving that perfect touch to your look. Always choose an elegant and simple shine, do not overdo it with large stones or exaggerated shine, simply add a small touch of light to the night but always with elegance, remember that simplicity lies in elegance.

Vivid colors and asymmetrical shapes for the day

gems with vivid colors

During the day bright colors will be your best ally because they bring joy and ease to your look. Although here you have to make a distinction, if you have already chosen to color your clothing, the best option is to choose silver or gold for your jewelry, perhaps silver or white gold is the best option for the day. If you have chosen to dress in warmer colors or white, it is necessary that you add a casual touch to your look and choose an asymmetrical bracelet or perhaps a necklace with bright colors. You will feel perfect during the day.

Get inspired to create your jewelry day and night

From jewelry studio we want you to be able to create your ideal jewel for the day or the night and we propose you a challenge, transform the night and the day into a jewel. How, that is up to you because you are the one who chooses which jewel you want. You can create earrings in the shape of a half moon or perhaps make yourself a personalized pendant with a beautiful sun drawn or created for you.

Because with JSecrets day and night can be turned into a jewel.

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