Jewelry for lesbians: Fashion with identity

Lesbos, a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, was the home of the Greek poet Sappho. As history reveals, this woman was in charge of the instruction of a group of young people whom she described as beautiful. The central axis of Sappho’s poetry is the love he felt for the women who were under his ward. Although at first lesbian (or) was the adjective used to describe what came from the Island, today it is a term that identifies the couple love that can arise between women.


History shows us that lesbianism has been a sexual orientation that has been criticized from a socio-political-religious perspective. Although at present, thanks to projects of institutions in favor of the LGBT movement ( lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals ) and to different States that in their laws give protection to diverse rights, such as marriage and adoption, lesbianism is rejected to a lesser extent, but there is no full acceptance or tolerance.

Promoting respect for these people is a challenge, and fashion has taken certain measures. To contribute to the identity of lesbian culture the latest trends in jewelry offers us a range of unique accessories, which should only be worn by those who wish to, with a captivating style, solidify the respect that each person, by the mere fact of being born, deserves and that is their own by right, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Lesbian jewelry, jewelry symbols

The lesbian jewels of this season are very varied. Designs that in addition to providing elegance and a touch of charisma, have symbols that are steeped in history.

The black triangle. Just as the pink triangle identified gays in times of the Holocaust, the black triangle identified homosexual women, who did not comply with the three K (K├╝che, Kircher, Kinder, in Spanish, kitchen, church, children) and that they were in the Nazi concentration camps. This black triangle , thanks to its shape, can be seen in any piece of jewelry, for example: in some silver rings in a triangular shape.

black triangle

The labrys. The Minoan civilization is a culture developed on the Island of Crete and dates from the Bronze Age. The double-edged ax, as it is also known, identified the protector goddess of women of the Minoan religion. It is also associated with the goddess Demetria and according to classical Greek mythology, with amazon warriors. Because of the strength and independence that the lesbian movement has reached, this symbol is associated with it. In jewelry, it is very worn as a pendant or pendant, either in gold or silver chains , or in an alternative and unconventional pendant.

The symbol for the letter lambda. This symbol also identifies gays, but due to its graceful shape, many lesbian women like to have accessories with this peculiar symbol. They are also used as rings or earrings.

Signs of Venus. The union of two signs of Venus identifies female homosexuality. These signs are used to make women’s clothing and are also used in the world of jewelry.

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