How to identify a gold jewel

When you buy a jewel, the least you expect is that the jewel you have bought is authentic.

Go ahead, this is usually the case in most offline and online stores and jewelers, but… How to know if it is gold?

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There is a risk that you will be bullied, and the jewel you buy is not made of gold, but a simple gold plating on another metal of lesser value. It may also be that you have inherited a piece, and you are not sure if it is gold or not. So, how to know if a ring or chain is made of gold.

In this article you will find 6 different ways to recognize this metal, and make sure that your jewel is really made of a noble metal.

How to know if it is gold

How to know if something is made of gold by the brand of the manufacturer

A test that is not definitive, but that can help you, is to look for the manufacturer’s brand.

Generally we find in rings , earrings and gold bracelets or bracelets certain data: check that your jewel has the three figures that indicate the purity of gold and another mark consisting of three figures and two letters that is nothing other than the manufacturer’s code.

How to identify gold by its density

The density test is very accurate and you can perform it at home, although it requires a millimeter container.

First, with the help of a weight as accurate as possible, determine the weight of the object or gold jewel.

Next, fill a container with water to a certain mark, insert the jewel, and determine how many milliliters the mark increased. Divide the weight by the increased volume and you get the density. Here are the densities of gold:

Gold 10 carats 14 carats 18 carats 24 carats
Density 11.57g / ml 13.07g / ml 15.58 g / ml 19.32g / ml

How to recognize gold using a magnet

This is the simplest home method to recognize gold: bring the jewel closer to a magnet. If it is attracted to it, it is definitely not gold, as this metal is not attracted to the magnetism of the magnet.

Check if it’s gold with the touchstone

If you are looking for security, another option is to take it to a jewelry workshop where they can test with a “touchstone”.

It is a stone with a certain porosity, in which small particles of the precious metal are stuck.

They then moisten those particles with a chemical formula, which leaves the gold intact, but makes everything else disappear. Infallible.

The laboratory


Surely the most reliable method: take the jewel to a specialized laboratory for know if it is real gold.

This test, performed by professional chemists, has the advantage of being definitive and accurate. For gold, it has the name Gold Cupellation, and for silver it has the name Silver Valuation. But it has the disadvantage that they must take a sample of the metal of your jewel, through a notch or even with a small drill, so the jewel is damaged.

It is a recommended method if, for example, you do not intend to keep the jewel, and what you want is to sell the metal.

There is another type of analysis called X-ray Fluorescence. This test consists of a scan of the piece where the metals that make up the piece are analyzed. And it has the advantage that the jewel is not damaged in the process.

The trusted jeweler

The skilled eye sees things that the inexperienced eye cannot. If you do not trust home methods, and you do not intend to alter or spoil your jewel just to find out if it is made of gold or plate, it is best that you take it to your trusted jeweler.


He / She will study it, do their own tests, and can guide you on the true value of your jewel.

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