Spring jewelery: blooming with glamor


Costume designers take the seasons of the year as a reason to create new collections, taking into account It takes into account the climatic characteristics and the changes that nature experiences in each one of them. Well, jewelry designers also live that moment, and create winter jewelry, spring, for autumn and to accompany the hot summer. Of course, one of the purposes of this is that the jewelry can be in tune with the wardrobe that the woman wears at that time of the year.

Jewels in spring

While sobriety accompanies the jewels of autumn, with that nostalgic touch typical of the season, jewels in spring stand out on their own. Created to represent the beauty of flowers and feminine beauty.

Gem bracelets are one of the garments most worn At this time of year. The color of gems (sapphires, pearls, emeralds ) plays with the colors that the natural environment gives us at this time. Dare to wear gem jewelry that stand out for their chromatic variety, that is, opt for bracelets that, following quality design lines, have the The success of combining different gems and each of their shades.

Silver earrings

The silver: divine metal. But in the spring it is more earthy than ever, as all women choose to wear garments made of this precious metal. To highlight your femininity this season, I recommend silver earrings. Thanks to jewelry design, and to the wide range of creation by jewelry designers, you can choose long and short silver earrings with precious stones, and the ones preferred by many young women in search of that casual and folkloric look: silver earrings.

Floral pendants

The most classic of this season: the floral motifs. In earrings, bracelets, rings, you can find anything from a rose to a simple daisy. We may think that the entire creative part of jewelry like these is so difficult, due to the amount of details that designers have to think about, but your role is only one: to wear all these jewelry with attitude and own style.

As a special of spring we have the floral pendants, and we also find as an alternative charms or animal pendants such as little fish, owls, elephants, butterflies, etc. Floral charms in any of their aspects unleash a peculiar tenderness in you, femininity, simplicity, you can also combine them with the floral print dresses very worn these days.

Big, seductive accessories

The best thing about the season is that you can use large accessories that highlight your attributes physical. Large (but not extravagant) accessories are loyal stealers, with them you take the attention of the place yes or yes.

smiling girl with big earrings

So seduce with your accessories, they complement your personality, give you security, give you a touch of self-esteem and by using them you give others beauty and charisma. Be an icon this season, do not deprive yourself of the pleasures of spring.

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