Style tips for New Years Eve-Christmas

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Winter is here, and with it comes Christmas and the traditional business lunches and dinners, Christmas Eve dinner and the long-awaited party New Years Eve Without a doubt, these are dates in which there is much to celebrate, and in which you have to take the opportunity to get together with friends and family to enjoy a special moment.

So special, that it is worth putting aside our more conventional looks and that we use on a day-to-day basis, to make way for a much more elegant and sophisticated, that lives up to the dates we are in. And it is that even if you are partying with your friends, the unwritten dress codes for this type of lunch and dinner are stricter than they seem.

The problem is that getting the look right for this type of event is not a precisely a simple task, therefore from JewelrySecrets we want to offer you some tips that may result from great help when you have to stand in front of the closet and start thinking about the look you are going to wear. Let’s go there.

New year’s eve a special event

Even if you are having dinner with your friends or your closest relatives, remember that this is not a normal Friday or Saturday. It is a special occasion, and surely your companions will wear a look thought through. So several days before, so that time is not thrown on you, start thinking with what look you could measure up and pleasantly surprise.

In case your wardrobe falls short, it doesn’t hurt to go shopping to complete your most exclusive look. The goal is for you to be truly radiant.

Christmas should be dressed up, not sexy

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Many people tend to confuse being groomed and elegant with looking sexy and provocative. In general, on these dates the most elegant and demure looks reign, not those in which large necklines, small trousers and transparencies leave too much to the imagination. If they notice you, let it be for your style.

The ideal is to opt for garments that are not extravagant and in neutral colors, which are the easiest to wear with elegance, and which are always You can combine it with a complement or jewel for the occasion. A “casual chic ” look can be ideal for the occasion.

The importance of accessories in your New Year’s Eve dinner

Jewelry and accessories are of outstanding importance in any look, but even more so at Christmas. Wearing an elegant design jewel can help you make any look even more special, and in addition, here you can dare everything that you could not with the wardrobe.

But be careful and don’t overload your look too much with an excess of accessories that you can’t even combine later. The key is simplicity.

Difference between day and night

This is very important when choosing your look and getting it right, since they have nothing to do with each other. In general, daytime looks tend to be somewhat more informal and casual than nighttime looks, although this will also depend on many other things, such as the place where lunch or dinner will take place . We have previously discussed jewelry by day, jewelry by night. Obviously you will have to try a little more if you go to a dinner in one of the best restaurants in the city, than if you have a snack in a brewery in your city.

During the day you can vary a bit more and choose from a larger selection, but at night make sure not to break with the “ dress code ”marked on these dates, and wears a look that stands out for its elegance.

Your own makeup for these holidays

Of course makeup is also going to play a very important role during Christmas. Because a radiant and elegant look can be left half if you neglect your makeup.

But just because it’s important, it doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. At JewelrySecrets we recommend that you do not risk too much and that you play it safe. Here, marking your look with an eyeshadow and outlining the upper part of the eyelashes, together with a makeup base can be more than enough to achieve a look that stands out for its glamor and sophistication.

As for the lips, apply a light color that does not stand out too much, since otherwise it could take away all the work that we carry behind .

Now yes, are you ready to show off this Christmas?

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