The successful woman: revealing the secret of her success

The secret from the investigation

The article that I present here today is the result of a micro-investigation that I conducted on a group of friends and acquaintances who have succeeded in life. They all have a markedly different personality, none is exactly the same as the other, but there are common denominators in certain aspects that I mention below: financially independent, educated and care about their image. We can say that these aspects are the true secret of success.

The current era is the perfect context for a woman to be successful. The triumph is to achieve the goals that each person sets for himself, therefore, it is a very relative matter. After analyzing the interviews I conducted, I came to the conclusion that among the interviewees, there are two concepts of success different, some of them summarize success in the professional field, while for the others, their satisfaction is given by the perfect balance of each of the aspects of their life. Below I better illustrate the results I recently referred to.

business woman

56.2% of women consider that they are successful in life because there is a balance between each of the aspects of their life, that is, for them the most relevant thing is not being recognized as the best secretary or doctor of their work center, although this stimulates them a lot, but to be able to function as excellent mother, perfect wife, attend social events, be an efficient professional, and have time to dedicate themselves and develop individual activities such as reading a book, walking on the beach or going to a gym.

The other 43.8% success in life is related only to professional success. For them, the most important thing is to be the best in their work sphere and receive promotion after promotion. They dedicate any amount of time to work because they enjoy what they do immensely, it is a deep pleasure. I have to say that most of these girls are single, and their life is divided into work and going to parties, being part of the show business, always seek unlimited fun.

The three factors of success

Regardless of what each one has proposed in life, success has come to them, and this is undoubtedly due to the common denominators that I mentioned at the beginning, and that I will analyze below.

Economic independence, is something that differentiates the woman of our days from that of past centuries. She works, has her salary and distributes it in what she considers important. The woman of classical Rome, generally alieni iuris, passed from the parental authority that her father had over her, to the domain of her husband once she got married, it depended at all times of a man.

economic independence

The successful woman has to be cultured. This does not mean, as one might mistakenly think, that they know art and literature. It is true that being educated implies knowledge about these, but it is not restricted to that, you must also know about economics, politics and other issues that are the day-to-day of current society.

Worrying about your image, in a broad sense, means taking care of the way you dress and always trying to wear the right clothes depending on the occasion, take care of your nails, your hair, put on makeup to look more feminine and wear jewelry that enhance your look always unique.

Jewels accompany your success

Jewelry can make a woman look great, give her glamor and allow her to shine at all times, but a woman should know choosing the right jewel in the two most important moments: when you buy the jewel and when she wears, moments in which she must always take into account with which clothes the piece can combine, and which are the places that she frequents, because this will determine, in terms of elegance, the hierarchy of the jewel.

elegant woman with jewels

Give the opportunity to a jewel that you have bought, that you were given on a anniversary or that you inherited from your grandmother, to accompany you in each of your triumphs, in such a way that it becomes a good luck object.

I was pleased to share these secrets with you, now it is your turn, comment the article to all those women who seek to achieve success in life.

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