Tips for giving a jewel that excites

two gifts

No one doubts that one of the best gifts that can be made today is that of a jewel, be it a practical watch, an elegant bracelet, some fine earrings or a simple pendant. It all depends on the magnitude of the moment that is chosen to deliver the present and the appropriate selection of the garment.

There are people who are reluctant to wear almost any type of garment, and they are more difficult to please. However, no one would be against carrying on your wrist or in a pocket, a shiny watch that will keep you abreast of the time.

Others, however, live so immersed in the world of fashion, have such a profound knowledge about it, or have developed such an exquisite taste for jewelry, that even at home they are not devoid of everything that is legal to take there.

As for you, when you must decide on a jewelry gift , you must take into account everything that has been said and also the questions following

  • Who are you going to surprise with your gift?
  • On what occasion will you give it away?
  • What is that person’s particular taste?
  • Who can help you choose the best?

Let’s go by parts.

If it’s your partner…

The most frequent thing is that you are inclined to give a jewel to your loved one. In that case, you should take into account if it will be on the occasion of the anniversary of their courtship or marriage, for their birthday, for a professional success achieved, for the academic results obtained, etc.

Nothing is easier, in that case, than to study in depth the characteristics and tastes of that person, the type of wardrobe that he usually uses, or if you want him to wear the jewel in a very special moment.

It’s my father or mother, and it’s their birthday

mother and daughter

Nobody better than you to know the tastes of your parents, their needs or desires. You may know that your father yearns for a comfortable large-numeral clock for his weary eyes. Then you just have to add a detail, such as a floss or chain to keep it safe in your pocket, and you will have the perfect gift.

If it is for your mother, the jewel may consist of the jewel she always dreamed of, be it a designer ring, an elegant pendant or some earrings or earrings to match an adequate bracelet. Take into account age, social life, the circle in which you move, among other aspects.

Can I have equal attention with a @ colleague @ who retires?

Of course they do, and they’ll thank you for a lifetime. For someone who has dedicated a large part of his life to work, be it in an office, a company, etc., the moment of retirement is of great relevance. By giving him a jewel, you are showing him affection and gratitude, while highlighting his worth as a worker and as a human being.

Among colleagues it is also valid to give oneself for the birthday, occasion in which you can give them the jewelry that will wear tomorrow at the office or on that long-awaited trip that you know you want to do, or perhaps at the important meeting that will take place soon.

In each and every one of the cases, it is essential to study well the person who will receive the jewel. If you do not feel able to decide, then I recommend that you consult a jeweler or jewelery designer, in whose opinion you can easily trust.

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