Tips for the perfect Invisible Friend gift. Designer jewelry accepted!

Christmas dinner

Many groups of friends or family take advantage of the arrival of Christmas to play the invisible friend and bring some fun and originality to the most anticipated parties. And it is sure that everyone has ever heard or played the invisible friend in your group of friends or with your family members.

It is very simple, and consists of within a group of people, each one of them will give to another chosen at random, without any other person in the group knowing it. In this way, a plus of mystery and curiosity is achieved, of course, as long as no one escapes it. Until the day you agree to give each other gifts, it will not be known who is giving whom, so mystery plays a very important role in this game.

It’s a way to add some fun to Christmas gifts and really surprise. Who will you have to give? Who will give you? The nerves begin to appear, and the best thing is that you will not leave doubts until the moment you open the gifts.

So if you have already taken out the paper with the name of the person to whom you have to give a gift, and you want to boast of being the best invisible friend to date, it is important that you have a series of things in mind. Nobody will like to be waiting to discover their invisible friend, and receive some socks or a coaster that does not have any kind of originality or sentimental value. In JSecrets we give you some tips with which to surprise and above all, get it right! And it is that in the invisible friend, designer jewelry is also accepted.


personalized gift

If you really want to be the best invisible friend, it is important that you maintain your anonymity and that no one in the group finds out about the person to whom you have to gift. Without a doubt, this will help to keep the curiosity of your companions and will make the moment when you deliver your gift really surprising, since no one will expect it. Of course, be prepared to face all kinds of pressures, since everyone will want to know who you are. You will get it?


If the invisible friend is characterized by something, it is because it is a very original game and because the gifts must be just as original. Put aside the traditional and conventional, and let your imagination go a little further. There are many options that you have from which to choose to bet on the usual. As we discussed earlier, a design jewel is an ideal option that undoubtedly stands out for being a gift that brings together the two points that we have discussed; surprise and originality. At JewelrySecrets we have different options to offer you that will make everyone wish you were their next invisible friend.


In general, an invisible friend is usually a special person, so the gift should be chosen carefully and not go for the first thing you find. Usually, the invisible friend takes place in groups of friends, co-workers or with family members, so you will earn a lot of points if you get the gift right. That will say a lot about you.

special gift

In the case of a woman, you can opt for a personalized ring or some earrings, while if your invisible friend is a man, some cufflinks with style, or a special key ring, they are a more than successful option that will allow you to look spectacular.

Go with the person

Before definitely buying the gift for your invisible friend, try to do a little research on their tastes and concerns. It never hurts to know a little more about the person so that the choice of the gift is somewhat easier. If he doesn’t like soccer, make sure you don’t give him a ball or a few tickets to watch a game, as the disappointment he will take will go down in history.

red earrings

In JSecrets, so that you get it right safely, we put at your disposal the possibility of customize jewels and thus bet on the option that It will allow you to get it right. If you have an idea in mind, we will take care of making it come true. Go ahead!

With invisible friends like that, who wants real friends?

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