Tricks to wear the earrings according to the shape of your face

The earrings are an essential accessory, but you have to take into account the shape of your face to be able to make the best choice and wear them with style.

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That earrings are one of the accessories par excellence for women, is no secret. Few women are those who do not dare to dress their ears and wear a complement that brings elegance, style and sophistication to any look. And it is that it could be said that it is an indispensable complement, as well as that it should not be chosen lightly, but rather that you have to take several aspects into account to get your choice right.

The first thing we should look at and the most important thing when buying earrings is the shape of our face . Each woman has a different face , and each one of us feels better one type of earrings or another.

So at JSecrets, in addition to offering you our custom jewelry creation service, we have wanted to offer you a small classification with the different types of face that exist, and thus be able to choose the earrings that best suit you. And it is that, a beautiful and elegant earring does not have to sit well.

Face types

There are different types of faces:

  • Round faces
  • Oval faces
  • Square faces
  • Diamond-shaped faces
  • Heart-shaped faces
  • Rectangular faces

Round Faces

You are said to have a round face when your measurements are proportional in both width and length. So if you have a round face, you should go for elongated earrings, as they will help you lengthen your face and minimize the round image.

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We recommend that you bet on elongated earrings, but avoid those with a round shape, since all they will do is enhance the shape of your face and give unwanted emphasis.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are characterized because the cheeks have the same measurements as the forehead. His features are curved, his chin is narrow, and the length is not too long. It is undoubtedly the ideal face if we talk about earrings, since everything suits you, and you can dare with any model without any fear. It is neither too round nor too angular. Of course, try to avoid earrings that are too long, as they may make your face too long.

Square faces

Square-shaped faces have extremely short length, and very marked features, especially on the chin and forehead. Here, to achieve greater volume and a more natural feel, you can use elongated earrings, especially if they have a rounded shape. They are the best option to show off your style and enhance your beauty.

Try to avoid earrings that are too small, as well as earrings that are angled or totally square.

Diamond-shaped faces

Diamond-like faces are those that the forehead and chin are narrower than the cheeks, which are very prominent and are especially marked. If this is your case, the best thing you can do is opt for large and extravagant earrings, as they will help you make the most of your facial features. The wider and the more curves they present, the better.

Heart-shaped faces

Although not one of the most common faces, heart-shaped faces have a forehead that is wider than the cheeks, have a narrow chin, and a normal length.

In this type of faces, the ideal is to opt for earrings that stand out for their width at the bottom. Triangle-shaped earrings are one of the most recommended in these cases. Those that have a teardrop shape or those that wear a pendant are also an option that will make you wear the earrings with style.

Rectangular Faces

Rectangular faces are similar to squares, but their length is slightly longer. Undoubtedly the best option for this type of face is to use wide earrings, that have rounded edges and that are not too long, since they will further enhance the rectangular feeling.

Are you clear about your face type? With the advice of JSecrets, you have everything to get it right and show off your earrings with style.

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