Types of necklaces: choose the one that best suits you

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Choosing the right clothes is a tough task that you do every day as well as choosing the accessories with which you are going to combine those clothes. You choose your clothes according to the mood, taking into account the events you have that day or because on some occasion you received positive comments when you put that garment on previously. We all like to feel comfortable and handsome at the same time, and taking advantage of yourself is something that you cannot miss. But, you must admit that not everyone has one garment the same as another. Each one of us is different and that is why we must promote the best of you.

JewelrySecrets helps you to bring out the best in you

The necklace is an ideal complement if you want to highlight your figure because it stylizes your neck. But, there are many types of necklaces and different ways to put them on, mainly depending on your height, your physiognomy, your haircut … Therefore, from JewelrySecrets we want to give you some tips so that you can choose the type of necklace that best suits you and that highlights your best side, in this way the hard task of choosing accessories journals may be easier for you.

The necklace


It has a measurement of 30 to 33cm. Traditionally, it is usually a string of pearls adjusted to the neck, and fastened at the back, where the closure is, with a clasp. You can use two, three or more strands with pearls, depending on the length and slenderness of your neck. It is very elegant for all types of women and a highly recommended classic that you cannot miss in your jewelry box. Despite being a necklace that suits all kinds of women, it is advisable to use it when you have short hair or you do something up, in this way you will highlight the beauty and sensuality of your neck, projecting that touch of elegance that a necklace provides. of these characteristics.



It is a short necklace that ranges between 35 and 40 centimeters, so it is usually quite close to the neck. It is important that it does not fit completely because apart from being uncomfortable it can make your neck bigger than it is. Highly recommended if you want to stylize your figure because it will help you appear slimmer. It is the ideal necklace if you have a day event and you want to go “arranged but informal”.



It is a necklace a little longer than the previous one, it has a measurement of 43 to 48 centimeters. This type of necklace brings a lot of elegance, so it is recommended to wear it on special occasions. They highlight your neck so it is perfect for women with a medium-short stature and with a beautiful face. If you are looking for a necklace for your wedding day, this is perhaps the accessory you are missing.


It has a measurement between 50 and 60 centimeters. It is a pendant that you can wear daily and on special occasions. It is important when dressing that you choose a garment that is two centimeters below this type of necklace and that at no time the two garments come together because it could damage your look. It is a necklace that provides a lot of security. If you need a talisman to give you the security that you need this type of necklace is for you.


Opera necklaces have a measurement between 71 to 86 cm in length, that is, they are slightly below the height of the chest. It is perfect to show off a nice neckline and is very flattering for women with a slim complexion. It brings sweetness to your look so if you have a date it is the ideal complement to show your most tender side.

Rope or Coco Chanel

It can be 100 centimeters or more. With this type of necklaces you can shape it if you wish, tie a knot to it or simply let it hang. That is why it is called Coco Chanel, since the famous designer made this type of necklace fashionable. It is widely used on fashion catwalks and in haute couture so when wearing it you will feel like a true Top Model. 

With these tips we want to help you highlight how beautiful you are. In addition, we offer you our customization of gold and silver pendants service.

There is a necklace for you, because you are different from the rest

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