Tips and Tricks for cleaning silver

bright silver ring

Silver objects have long been worshiped by man. In almost every home, we find precious metal objects, whether they are purely decorative, for collecting or for everyday use. In any of the cases, they are objects that over the years can be affected. Silver is naturally oxidized simply by air. But how to fight against time and the inevitable deterioration of our treasures?

Well, in this article I give you several tricks and tips for cleaning silver. This series of practical tips will help you take proper care of those special objects that we treasure at home.

Homemade silver care preparations

The cleaning tricks of silver objects that I will recommend below, have a common denominator: they are simple, fast and use homemade preparations. Homemade preparations are products that we have the possibility of creating at home using natural products in general, so they are ultra-economical, ecological preparations, as well as being a manual activity recommended by psychologists and therapists.

For shine and against stains and scratches

If the silver object is stained on its surface you have two options, either of them has visible results: impregnate the surface of your jewel with baking soda sodium and then rub it with a soft cloth. There are stains that in many cases disappear with a simple eraser. Although this measure may seem simple to you, try it, you will surely be surprised at the result.

The solution of ammonia and hot water in equal parts is a very efficient mixture, but excess ammonia is a dangerous agent for silver objects, Mainly for jewelry, that is why I recommend you be careful with it, and respect these proportions.

If you want to renew your silver jewelry, you are not obliged to go to your jewelry consultancy, just a touch of cleaning and they will look like new. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar, a handful of coarse salt, a splash of dishwasher and a liter of hot water. Soak your jewelry to be cleaned in this solution for a quarter of an hour, then rinse it with clean water.

Scratches on silver objects can be removed with a special chamois that is impregnated in a specific product for this purpose. However, it depends a lot on the depth of the scratches. In all cases, the best way is to take care of your jewels as they deserve, and above all be very careful when storing them in your jeweler, avoiding at all times that they rub against each other.

Cleaning silver cutlery and chandeliers

If you have proposed the cleaning of silver cutlery and chandeliers here are some special homemade products for that purpose.

Candlesticks are usually left with wax residue. It is a recurring mistake people make to remove these remains with their fingernail or use another metal object. With such acts you will only get as a result: a broken nail and a scratched chandelier. Bring two pans of water to a boil, place the candle holder in the first pan, the hot water will remove the wax. After letting the second saucepan rest, add a little vinegar and insert the candle holder, letting it rest for a short period of time. Dry with a soft cloth, preferably cotton.

For the cleaning of silver objects with etched surfaces use a toothbrush with soft cells and rub in straight lines, previously impregnated in some of the the solutions mentioned above. Polish with a soft cloth or chamois.

I hope that the advice that I give you this time will be useful for the care and conservation of your silver objects. I am then, waiting for your comments and suggestions on the subject, a greeting and see you soon.

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