Christmas parties with elegance and class


Those most committed to popular culture know about that, almost an aphorism now, that says: “if we receive the New Year using something new, destiny will bring us many good things to that year that begins ”. That new thing that we are recommended to wear on that day of celebration, can be anything from shoes to newly acquired earrings.

Christmas Eve with elegance

Although at first the date of December 24 was a Christian celebration, and only the devotees of this church celebrated it, however today, it has been extended even to atheistic families, in a way such that we can affirm that it already has a marked cultural and traditional character. The Christmas Eve celebration consists of a family dinner (even with the closest friends) where they share with cordiality, take family photographs and exchange gifts.

The jewels can have a double role in a celebration like this: As an accessory that you will use or as a gift that you will give to your mother, father, sister or any other person you love very much. Of course, the jewel that you must wear that day must be very beautiful and special.

Classy New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is celebrated on the last day of the year, December 31. It is celebrated in different ways, depending on the country or region and the tradition that is followed there. For example, in Spain and other Latin countries, it is customary to eat twelve grapes when the twelve chimes of midnight can be heard, while in Japan the end of the year festivities last approximately 15 days.

green grapes

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, using something new in this celebration is understood as a practice that will allow for prosperity and happiness for the coming year. Wearing a jewel is something that, in addition to making us look good, elegant, with good taste, allows us to feel more confident about ourselves. However, wearing a jewel in a celebration like this has a much more special connotation.

Undoubtedly, the jewel that we will wear that night as well as new (it does not necessarily have to be new, we can use a jewel that a close relative has given us), it must be very special for many reasons . First, it is the last day of the year and it is a day that demands a truly imposing and distinctive presence. In addition, it must be a jewel that in itself is very elegant and in this way makes us look, it could well be pearl earrings, a diamond design ring or silver bracelets and precious stones in the case of ladies; and gentlemen should consider a suit with custom cufflinks, a touch of high birth.

Give a jewel at Christmas

Christmas gift

If you want one of the people you love or esteem to look very chic and sophisticated at Christmas, you should give them a jewel, but not just any one. Of course, for a new year a new jewel in every way. Yes, you need to find a novel jewel, a really interesting design, that reveals the dedication of the artist who gave it life; Only with a jewel like this you will have the best gift in your hands.

Also value the possibility you have to give in these cold, but sentimentally warm celebrations a family jewel to your children or grandchildren, it is the new generations who will tell the story of our family.

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