Color therapy in your jewelry: filling your life with joy.

We love colors, they give light and inspiration to our lives. Each person has their favorite color and it is that each one has a different meaning.


When choosing your look, I’m sure you almost always opt for the same color and each one brings a different touch and shows a part of our personality. The same thing happens with jewels, there is a great variety of colors that will transmit to the rest, a series of sensations.

Highlight your personality with your jewelry

From this post we want you to choose the right jewel depending on what you want to transmit on each occasion. JSecrets recommends that you highlight your personality designing your own jewelery , choosing the colors that show the best of you. And we recommend you read the post about the meaning of precious stones .

Blue gem pendant: show your sweetest side

The pendant is one of the pieces most used by a woman in jewelry, since it stands out much more than other types of accessories because it is the most visible. Choosing the blue color for your necklaces or pendants will show the sweetness of your look. It should be a soft tone that evokes and reminds the sea or the sky. People who choose the color blue are sentimental and sensitive. This will facilitate coexistence with the rest and show your friendlier side. Blue sapphire is one of the most prominent gems in this color in jewelry, although there are other gems in blue tones such as Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Lapiz Lazuli, Agate, etc. Bring out your sweetest side with a pendant with the gem that best suits your style.

blue gem in a pendant

Red ring: Highlight your security

 The ring is a jewel that makes you transparent, with this you will make others they see you as a person to trust. By choosing the color red on your ring you will be providing a touch of security at the same time. The red tones are very impressive and although it is related to passion they denote a lot of security . As the most outstanding jewel is the Ruby, but we have already talked about this precious stone in another post . In this post we propose Spinel, a lesser-known stone that will help you add a lot of security to your look.

red gem in a ring

Gold bracelet: show your kindest face

 The bracelet is a different piece, unusual, shows your disposition to the new and so they make you seem sociable. Yellow is a color that stands out among the colors for its outgoing character. By combining the jewel and the color, you will be bringing out your friendliest character. Be the queen of any place and denote your most sociable side. As for jewelry, we cannot forget about gold, the most used color in jewelry throughout history. Choosing the natural color of gold in your jewelry is always a good idea and it will also help you make your face more friendly.

golden bracelet with other jewels

Green earrings: bring balance and peace

 The earrings highlight the beauty and highlight your look. Choosing the color green will help you bring balance and peace around you. They will be the perfect choice in your day-to-day life if you want harmony to reign in your life. The most prominent gem is the Emerald, but there are other green stones such as Tourmaline, Jade, Malachite and Peridot, among others. From JSecrets we recommend that you choose the appropriate tonality so that you achieve that peace and balance in your life and that of everyone around you.

green gem

Fill your jewelry with color this summer and bring out the best in your personality.

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