Divas, the fame in the world of jewels and their strategies

Although it is certainly desired by many, fame is very elitist and only welcomes in its arms those who know how to stand out very well and mark for some reason a moment that will never be forgotten by history. Fame can come to us for many and varied causes, either because we have made a considerable scientific contribution to society or because we are a celebrity in any artistic medium.

The famous artists are true idols who influence our lives in a very positive way, and seeing a work or presentation of theirs leads us to ecstasy and a total delight of our senses. They can truly become the obsession of many who with constant loyalty and dedication follow each of their triumphs.

Once fame is achieved, it is a challenge to maintain that social status. That is why celebrities always try to be in tune with the latest trends and use all series of strategies to look fabulous and resplendent on all occasions.

A very intelligent and effective way to show your physical attractiveness and your exclusive taste is by wearing striking jewels, classic for their elegance and unique for their design; jewelry that is pure fashion to wear.

Jewelers who lend their jewelry to the stars know that they are doing an excellent business. A very curious example of this occurred years ago when the well-known celebrity jeweler Edward Asprey , agreed to allow Hilary Swank to wear to the Oscars a precious necklace worth a quarter of a million, which drove the wife of the former director of the Warner Brothers Terry Semel that he bought it as a gift on the day of his birthday.

Other times jewels co-star in wonderful fiction and love stories brought to the big screen, as is the case in one of the highest grossing films of all time “Titanic”, where that extraordinary and opulent pendant called Corazón del Mar, due to the intensity of the color of its sapphire, is present in one of the most memorable and emotional scenes: when young Jack draws the beautiful Rose naked, wearing only the valuable necklace.

Rose necklace in Titanic

Cartier, a jewelry design line famous worldwide, was chosen by nobles of the entertainment industry such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, which tells us that what actually happens is that Famous have designers who exclusively create authentic sets that make them shine like true celestial bodies, and in the same way, they have exclusive jewelry designers that make them add a touch to their style personal and genuine.

JSecrets Diseño knows how to conquer hearts with its exclusive jewelry designs. We offer with each jewel the long-awaited red carpet look, because we know that you love to look divine. We create jewelry unprecedented, unmatched, because we know that you like to distinguish yourself.

We offer a legitimate guarantee of originality and we use precious metals that add a high value to your jewelery. If you love luxury and perfection, do not hesitate to carefully observe each of our pieces, discover with the jewels, a world of divas.

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