Earrings design, an art that shines in your ears

The ancient use of earrings

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The earrings are accessories that already in different cultures of pre-Columbian America were used to highlight the position that was flaunted within the tribe or to worship a certain deity, so that this, grateful, would allow a good harvest and would not send devastating storms or floods.

The use of earrings in the European continent also dates from past centuries, only that these attributed a more aesthetic than religious value, although also due to the value and fineness of the earrings that the women wore, their lineage could be deduced.

Design of earrings for different styles

Ladies with a very daring look and who wear short hair cannot stop having the classic hoops, also known as rings, already are silver or gold, you can even find some that have small precious stones incorporated. Without a doubt, we are talking about classic jewels that will make you look chic and highlight your most daring side, they are also the right jewels if you want to draw everyone’s attention to any place you go.

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If you are a lady who advocates elegance at all times, give your ears the beautiful sound of the waves of the sea, how? Wear pearl earrings, they are the marine gems par excellence, and although there are freshwater pearls that we can find in lakes and rivers, the most popular and well-known are sea or saltwater pearls.

Rejecting the earrings

There are women who, even loving earrings , cannot wear them because they suffer from contact allergy, and the use of these causes eczema. I really have to clarify that what causes the allergy is not the pendant itself but the metal, or rather the alloy that it wears. However, as I have recommended to some clients, consulting with a specialist, you will be able to know exactly which metal or metals you are allergic to (generally the major cases of allergies to metals such as nickel and cobalt) In this way you will have the possibility of wearing precious metal earrings that are less aggressive with your skin, or simply carry the quality controls established by the law.

Design of earrings, an art that magnifies

Behind the charming presence and the wonderful look of a lady, there is the arduous work of an artist, specifically of costume and jewelry designers. Jewelry designers always seek to design the perfect jewel , and today more than ever the perfect earrings. The devotion to earrings grows and multiplies, therefore, users are increasingly demanding regarding the earring designs they want for themselves. In my opinion, perfect earrings are those that combine the following factors: elegance, simplicity, functionality, originality, among others. Said like that, it seems easy, but the process of creating an earring can get really cumbersome.

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However, it is earrings design, a profession that magnifies and rejoices the spirit, especially when we have in our hands the result of hours, days or weeks of work, and these are small works of art whose destiny is to satisfy a woman and contribute to her personal fulfillment and to her emotional health.

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