Elegant jewelry and a good attitude, glamor at your fingertips

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If we go back to the origin of the term glamor, it was originally used in Ireland to refer to people gifted with the gift of writing. However, this word was transformed over time, and is considered today as Anglicism (although it sounds very Danish to all of us) and is used to identify a type of sophisticated and elegant beauty, very popular with some Hollywood stars of the years between 1930 and 1950.

Although many women have grace and elegance by nature, glamor is the result of hard work by costume design professionals haute couture and jewelry, makeup artists, stylists, etc. So is your glamorous style? What are the jewelry that will make you look chic?

The elegance of jewelry

A jewel can make you look elegant, but for that it must be elegant in itself. A high class jewel can be defined like this when it has the following characteristics: simplicity, elegance and sophistication.

square ring

Precious metals such as gold and silver give your jewel a special nobility, as well as stones such as sapphires, emeralds, pearls, diamonds, aquamarines and else. However, a key element in the elegance of a jewel, which unfortunately is sometimes not taken into account, is the design of the jewel.

Although in earlier times, the monarchs and the nobles close to them wore very striking jewels to highlight their social position, today’s jewels have taken another path. The pompous jewel has been left behind, it has been suffocated by the modern jewel, which is more practical, sophisticated and adaptable to your needs.

A good jewelry design has to meet your expectations in every way. In addition to quality, it has to be functional and adaptable, for example: you are at work and a business dinner comes up unexpectedly. Do your accessories make you look good, do they give you the necessary sobriety and elegance? If you are using a contemporary design, the answer is yes.

Geometric designs, which recreate spaces and natural forms, sometimes with a special touch of a futuristic look, are all empowered to make you look chic, independent and very feminine.

Jewelry + attitude = glamor

If you dream of having that glamorous look, capable of making more than one gentleman sigh, if you want to look like a magazine cover model Vogue consider the comments that I explain below.

In addition to wearing jewelry like the ones I described at the beginning, you have to show a good attitude towards life. Always try to stand out not only because of the jewelry or wardrobe that you wear, also because you are capable professionally and share with your loved ones each of your triumphs.

Remember, we all have circumstances and moments of crisis, only our good attitude and inner strength will make us move forward, be patient and remember that in bad weather a good face.

What did you think of this article? I look forward to your comments about it. Greetings and see you next week.

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