Gay jewelry: jewelry design for a community

vivid colors of pride day

Since ancient times, man differentiated the tribe to which he belonged from the rest by means of clothing and symbols. In the same way, in modern times it has used certain slogans, symbols, logos and any other distinctive sign to identify a certain class or social sector.

The homosexual community has been repressed and recriminated for many years. Today the story has taken an important turn. No longer being treated as a disease or taboo, homosexuality has certain symbols that it represents created throughout history, symbols that sometimes do not have a happy origin, such as the pink triangle used by the Nazi regime to mark gays in concentration camps, while the one used for lesbian women was the black triangle but inverted.

To contribute to the roughing of those weak vestiges that still live in people of retrograde thinking and little tolerant, to honor a community that in the international framework they have gained voice and vote and have made sure their rights are respected; an artist’s imagination of jewelry design has given life to gay jewelry.

Gay Jewelry

I believe that all the accessories that we decide to use should represent our way of being and our lifestyle. It is that one of the powers of gay jewelry, which unlike the rest of the jewelry is designed from all the symbols that the gay community represents for this particular user.

Personalized jewelery to satisfy the different expectations of each person who wants to acquire a jewel gay suggestive and original, with the distinctive note of being all exquisite in terms of design. Jewels that use gold and especially silver, being able to always use gems for the touch of distinction and elegance that they provide.

silver gay pendant

How to identify a gay jewel?

As I said before, a gay jewel is one that incorporates in its design some symbol that represent this community.

Among the most recognized we can mention the Greek letter lambda that identifies both gays and lesbians . For its part, related to the latter is the labrys, a kind of double-edged black ax from the Minoan civilization. It is representative of lesbian women because of the strength this movement has reached.

The so-called sign of Venus is to represent the female gender, when two signs of Venus are They are intertwined refers to homo-affective relationships between two women.

Similarly, any jewel that combines the six colors of the gay pride flag, may be considered a gay accessory. To combine these colors, designers can use precious and semi-precious stones.

Gay jewelry shows us that contemporary jewelry design is ready to go beyond old borders creative, is committed to the modern man and his identity. I hope then that this article has been to your liking and thus motivates you to send me your comments. Greetings and see you soon.

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