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Identity, not illness

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Homosexuality has been repressed and criticized for many years, even today, although to a lesser degree, it continues to be punished and even punished with capital punishment in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Sudan. From a psychological point of view it was seen as a disorder susceptible to treatment and cure; the father of modern psychiatry himself Sigmund Freud, although later he corrected his posture, at first I consider it as a degenerative disease. However, it was not until 1990 that homosexuality was excluded from the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and other Health Problems.

For their part, conservative social groups and highly fanatical of religions where this is considered a sin, have been an obstacle and open repression of any manifestation of homosexuality.

What is tolerance? It is an answer that will depend on the concept that we have incorporated into it. From my point of view, it is nothing more than respecting the ideas and beliefs of others, knowing how to listen to their opinions and points of view and even if they are contrary to ours, accepting and understanding them. Be careful, it is very important to be clear about the following point: to tolerate is not to ignore.

Not maintaining discriminatory attitudes says a lot about the training and principles under which we have been raised by our families, because if this has always instilled in us respect and love for others, I consider that we can be more understanding and tolerant with people who coexist with We are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we must leave as a legacy to future generations in order to give them a life of greater understanding and respect for themselves and their fellow men.

Identity for a group

It is consistent with human nature that it looks for people with the same tastes and ideals, and shares with her through any type of human relationship, say friendship, relationships, etc. These groups take their own codes and symbols that accompany and identify them. For this reason, it is very normal for them to incorporate it into their personal items, including jewelry.

Several symbols are identifying emblems of gays and lesbians, for example: the letter Lambda which is considered a symbol of gay pride, chosen, according to some, for the naturalness and liberality that the Greeks adopted regarding homosexual issues. Also well known is the inverted pink triangle, used by the Nazis at the time of the Holocaust to mark male homosexuals, while the inverted black triangle was to identify women lesbians

For its part, the symbol of Mars is to identify the male gender, while the female is related to that of Venus , so that two intertwined Mars signs and two united Venus represent male and female homosexuality respectively. In the 1970s, the purple hand was very popular as a peaceful protest against homophobic editorial policy. The labrys represents the lesbian movement , for the strength and recognition that he has come to acquire.

Probably, the symbol that most identifies this community is a rainbow flag, currently in six colors where each one has a different meaning.

rainbow flag

It is very fashion that all these symbols related to the gay collective are taken to jewelry, which is something quite new, but liked and requested by many users. It is about creating jewelry designs that identify the person who will wear them, without losing sight of the rules regarding the achievement of quality designs.

luxury jewelry has set a new goal, this art has decided to help spread respect for homosexuality , as a normal sexual orientation. The gift: Exclusive gay jewelry for them and for those who support them as a manifestation of the desire to live in a world of respect.

There are designs really interesting, gay jewelry can range from authentic sobriety and elegance to designs more suggestive and daring aimed mainly at a younger audience.

Precious metals such as gold and silver are protagonists for jewelry gay, which are of the most diverse nature: from designer rings, the perfect gift for the couple and to show them the love you feel, to cufflinks that you can personalize by asking, for example, that they incorporate a certain symbol, or simply your initial and that of your partner.

Finally, I leave this question closely related to the topic discussed, in order to make our readers reflect: Where are we going, to a society that adopts a position increasingly tending towards homophobia and discrimination or are we walking in the direction we want? peaceful coexistence of many people on the basis of mutual respect?

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