Get a perfect match between your jewelry and manicure

hand with dark nails

Surely your jewelry box is full of rings, necklaces and bracelets with some special meaning that makes you want to take them with you day after day. However, during the winter the use of long-sleeved and high-necked garments mean that you cannot wear them as they deserve. That is why the protagonist and star this season is the one in charge of decorating your fingers.

We could say that it is the complement that usually attracts the most attention. And if you think about it, it is the most exposed part of the body and the one that you use the most to interact with another person: when greeting, gesturing when you speak … Therefore, you must be very careful when selecting the perfect ring combination. The myriad of options that exist today are fantastic to satisfy all tastes, but it can give more of a headache when you want to combine them.

Although things can get a little more complicated… Have you thought about nail polish? If you are looking for 10 hands, a good manicure can never be missing, and not just anyone! Ideally, for a spectacular result is that the metal color of the ring matches perfectly with that of your nail polish.

Tricks to show off your rings with your manicure

Normally, manicure, in terms of fashion, tends to be in the background, but the truth is that it is a very simple way to give a touch of trend to your look. In JewelrySecrets we are going to help you with some tips so that you can get the most out of your hands.

Gold color rings

hand with a golden ring

From our experience we think it is excellent for warm tones. A safe bet is red, a classic that never fails and combines perfectly with gold. They harmonize beautifully to reflect elegance and delicacy. You can opt for a simple accessory with small details such as a zirconia for a special touch.

If red is not your thing and you prefer something more discreet, with a nude your fingers will speak for themselves. In this case, we would opt for several rings with a minimalist, different and unique cut. Remember that you can always make your outfit shine and glamorize with some gemstones.

And for a more avant-garde effect you will be surprised with the black enamel. In cold seasons like winter, many women opt for this nail color and the truth is that with gold… We love it!

Pink gold color rings

Coming from the mythical gold and silver, this is a peculiar choice that stands out for its feminine character. Excellent option for the sweet and romantic woman looking for something new to highlight her manicure. In this particular case, you can opt for two very different aspects to beautify your ring .

On the one hand, dark garnet, wine or burgundy enamels enhance the rose gold and make it shine more strongly. If you are looking for something more discreet, you can also wear your jewel with earthy and green tones such as pistachio or nude shades.

Silver rings

Completely opposite to gold, for this case we strongly advise cool shades. You can make variations from white and blue tones to pinks and violets, all of them will complement wonderfully with your rings.

At JSecrets we like to follow trends, and if you are looking for a daring look, opt for minimalist jewelry, delicate and simple with grayish or bluish colors. If you are to wear more than one ring at the same time, this is the perfect choice for you. Its shades will make your hand not look overloaded and you can play with lots of rings in a modern and geometric style.

For the most traditional we suggest introducing small diamonds in your silver jewel accompanied by a pink manicure. Ideal for every day of the week and take out the most out of your hands.

Brighten up your engagement ring with your nails

bride hand with beautiful nails

Receiving the wedding ring from the person you want to share your days with becomes one of the most special moments in a woman’s life. That is why we are going to advise you what type of manicure is the right one to make your shine even more engagement ring without detracting from the importance it deserves.

Blurred Dilancesa

When it comes to enhancing that unique gem, the natural-looking manicure is our favorite. There is no better way to give it prominence than with elegant and casual hands that the classic dilancesa offers you.

Although it is true that the passage of time has reconverted this design to make it even more attractive and subtle with a simple gradient to make a difference.


Hand in hand with the previous one, an earth tonality will never fail. You can show off sophisticated nails without being too much or getting attention. Best of all, it works both day and night and you can combine it with tons of options: gold or pink glitter, a discreet pattern or some rhinestones.

We recommend that you do not get over-excited with the ornaments because it can break the whole and diminish the importance of your diamond. Remember that simplicity is beauty .


With a 360 degree turn we reach passion red. A completely different style from the previous ones, but no less elegant for that. If you consider yourself more daring when choosing the color of your nails, then go for this one. You will be able to illuminate your alliance like nobody else.

In this case, the almond-shaped nails are a fantastic option if you want a more dramatic effect. As for decoration, either let them grow long enough to stylize your fingers, or accompany the enamel with small rhinestones and silver or gold details.

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