Gold brooches: ELEGANCE with capital letters

Brooch fever

It is not a pipe dream, fashion is expanding its horizons and reviving very old trends. Clasp fever is what some have called the revival of this gem that probably came back to stay. Wearing a gold brooch, luxurious and ostentatious, revealing your social status was a fashion widely used by European nobles and ladies of high society in times past; and today it has dusted itself off and is taking more and more boom, especially among women who advocate elegance at all times.


Of course, the gold brooches have a modernity, that mix shapes, geometries, asymmetries and above all, naturalness, so they know how to make you look fabulous at any time of the day, without showing excessive concern about your appearance, or dressing so far-fetched and meticulous.

The brooch is a garment mainly for ladies. Precious gems like diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald or Organic gems like pearls add a touch of class to this small work of art, gold and silver are the most common metals when making these wonders.

It is logical, given the glamor that a gold brooch generally has, that its use is not indicated for any garment. Ladies should correctly match her brooch to look consistent with the other jewelry she is wearing.

The design on the gold clasps

Today’s designer brooches are breaking with old schemes. In addition to elegance, they try to tell what the personality of the woman who wears it is like. You can use them on your jackets, shirts and even on a scarf you can put a small and less flashy one. In addition, when wearing them with any other garment such as bracelets, rings or earrings, you can, with your jewelry, feel a very pleasant company at all times.

golden brooch

Giving always shows how detailed and generous we are, so you should consider that the perfect gift for any woman is jewelry, preferably with diamonds. Letting yourself be carried away by the melody and charm that can characterize a brooch will show your sensitivity to appreciate the beauty of the details of life.

Remember also that it is not just about wearing something luxurious , but wearing it with a good attitude , that is, with the best attitude, always showing positivity and desire to succeed. Leave the creation in the hands of experienced designers, you just have to do the simplest task: enjoy your jewel and show it off with class.

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