Gold jewelry: yellow, white or pink?

Freedom is nothing more than the ability to choose, and being able to select what you like the most will be the only thing that can make you free and different. If they impose a type of fashion or accessories on us, we would not be ourselves and we would all have the same look. For this reason, there are countless styles and models of the same garment. Something very important is the color and the variety of it. Being able to choose between an infinity of colors makes the world different and cheerful, so we change the colors of the clothes in our day to day, depending on the time of year, your mood or the occasion.


Feel free with your gold jewelry

Unlike what many believe, jewelry is not the same at all. Even in the same season you can choose a wide variety of models and colors. Combining gemstones or changing the color of gold. Indeed, gold is not only yellow, white or pink gold come to the world of jewels emerging and allowing you to wear exquisite and different pieces. For this reason, from JSecrets we want you to wear the right color for every occasion and we propose a series of tips, so that you can design your own gold jewel with the perfect color for you.

Yellow gold: a classic that never fails

Yellow gold is the real color of gold and whenever they say the word gold, that characteristic color comes to mind. In fact, this precious metal is called Au in the periodic table, which comes from the Latin aurum which means bright dawn . And it is that the color of gold is very similar to the color of the sun when it appears during the first hours of the day.

This makes it the perfect material for making a jewel and therefore, for centuries it has been the most used material for the manufacture of jewelery throughout the different civilizations that have populated the Earth, as you can read in this post about the history of gold.

necklace with animals

In any woman’s jewelry box, regardless of age, she should always have gold jewelry and they will be the perfect piece to always wear. Both on a day-to-day basis and on special occasions. Surely each one hides a different story, and that makes them even more special. Some yellow gold earrings or a simple bracelet will always be your perfect allies. That is why your yellow gold jewelry will be pieces that never go out of style.

White gold: a trend for everyday life

White gold is in fashion and that is undeniable, the trend in wedding bands today is white gold. Although really, it is a metal that does not exist naturally in nature. It is a certain mixture of fine gold and other white metals, such as palladium, silver, etc. so it has that characteristic color. Although a rhodium plating is always recommended for a perfect finish, this detail will give it a special white.

golden white pendant

This color is so chosen because it is easier to combine with any garment unlike yellow. Alliances, for example, are pieces that must always be worn on the right ring finger, so combining them with other jewels is more complicated, which is why it is a trend design custom-made alliances or jewels that should be worn daily in this color.

Pink gold: Making a difference

Pink gold is the novelty, a perfect color for women who want to make a difference. It is an atypical color in jewelry that offers a certain dose of sweetness and romanticism in jewelry. Get that color thanks to the combination of copper, silver and gold, an incredible result. The best thing about choosing this color is that you will be able to give your look a very special touch. A pretty pink gold necklace will make your neck shine and soften your face. Feel different and choose rose gold.

pink golden jewel

Choose the three colors

Surely after reading this article you have wanted to acquire the three colors of gold and it is that we should not always dress or wear the same jewelry. Having the ability to choose in your own jewelry box will allow you to be more free and choose the piece that best suits each occasion.

Do not choose between yellow, white or pink gold, have jewelry in various colors and be free every day of your life.

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