High jewelry: elegance, personality and success

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Fine jewelry is a segment of contemporary jewelry that has its own imprint, and that allows it to distinguish itself from any other edge of jewelry. There are many factors that lead to fine jewelry being the priority of women in high society and of Spanish, English and Danish royalty, among others.

High jewelry is defined by the quality and exclusivity of the pieces and in many cases by their history. There are many famous jewelry houses with a line personal creative; Cartier, betting on perfection and luxury; Van Cleef & Arpels for avant-garde designs and Bvlgari for its exotic luxury necklaces. Many of these houses are the preferred retail outlets for celebrities. Not by chance, one of the princes of Wales expressed the following in relation to Cartier: they are the jewelers of kings, the kings of jewelers; and we cannot fail to mention that Tiffany workshops created jewelry for Queen Victoria and where Madonna acquired her luxurious tableware.

What is special about high jewelry?

High jewelry has a series of characteristic elements that make it special and unique, which I will comment on below:

A high degree of artistic perfection . In the light of high jewelery, combining quality materials is not enough, it is only the first of many steps. The finish, the exclusivity of a design and its originality are factors that prevail speaking in terms of high-end jewelry. A jewel of this class must combine, with elegance and delicacy, each of the elements that compose it, it must be by itself a work of art.

The art of combining precious stones. It is wrong to underestimate jewelry, and even more so, the art of combining stones and their colors. For a jewel to shine, the juxtaposition of one stone with another is not enough, the stones can bring out the light by themselves or they can absorb the shine and make the piece appear dull. It is also about combining colors with coherence and a unique creative sense.

The great role that high jewelry has in the life of today’s woman. If we were to define a contemporary jewelry muse, every jewelry designer would agree: the woman of the 21st century. From any of the roles that today’s woman decides to play in society, luxury jewelry follows in her footsteps, which is why it always offers new proposals, tempered to the context in which women develop.

It would be possible to answer a recurring question: Why are jewelry today, more than ever, essential accessories for women? Because it not only accompanies you in your triumphs, but they contribute to their achievement, giving you the necessary appearance, highlighting your personality and security, demonstrating your vocation for success.

I hope that your passion for luxury jewelry has delighted with this article, demonstrate your loyalty for high jewelry by commenting on your points of view on it. Greetings and see you soon.

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