Jewelry for godmothers and godfathers to wear with elegance


There is no doubt that the protagonists of a wedding are the bride and groom. But any link would be impossible without godparents who protect the future marriage at the altar and accompany them at that important moment in their lives.

Who to choose as godparents?

In the Spanish tradition and in other countries it is normal for the father of the bride to be the godfather and the mother of the groom the godmother. But sometimes the lack of any of these figures makes other very special people become godparents. As a curiosity you should know that the origin of the godfather is in the best friend of the groom, since he helped him defend the bride before the ceremony began so that she could get to the altar and no one could avoid the link.

The godmother: experience in a jewel

The godmothers are experienced women. Most of the boyfriends choose a close woman who arouses affection and tenderness. They choose their mothers, sisters, or special friends because they love them. It is usually a figure that is older than him and they will be wise counselors for brides. That is why they are the voice of experience.

But if you are chosen as a godmother, choosing the right wardrobe is quite difficult. If you want to get it right, choose a very simple wardrobe and accompany it with a beautiful jewel. Choose traditional jewels such as emerald or ruby ​​in beautiful earrings taking into account the color of your dress, they will help give that touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. After the ceremony, give the bride these earrings, it would be a beautiful symbol of confidence in her new stage. Jewelry like these will be the perfect example of a new elegant, mature and beautiful woman.

As an important fact, you should know that pearls are not the best choice for bridesmaids at weddings since many brides choose them because they inspire innocence.

The Godfather: The Perfect Twins

The bride usually chooses a very close relative, a figure that offers her protection and security so that on her wedding day she can accompany her to the altar. In the best man attire, there should be no lack of beautiful cufflinks regardless of whether they decide to wear a suit, a tuxedo or a morning suit.


Choosing the personalized cufflinks for the godfather, is a beautiful task and you can choose ones that surprise to your daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend. Brides pay attention to all the details on their wedding day and you can surprise her by asking her to design the cufflinks that you will wear that day or design them yourself inspired by something that you both like.

Thanks to JeweylrySecrets, you can order personalized cufflinks with her initials, from the future marriage, or order some funny cufflinks inspired by a symbol that reminds you of her and her childhood.

Regardless of the jewelry you decide to wear that day, the real jewelry will be the bride and groom. Join them on that special day and make them shine and give light for years.

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