Jewelry for this summer, and look with elegance and your own style

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A few weeks ago the summer solstice crept into our lives. Thanks to this, the sun will illuminate these months, the beaches will be filled with life, the sunsets will be perfect moments to share with your partner or your friends, the terraces will be the ideal place to spend the afternoon-night, the mountains will be the ideal refuge for disconnect from day to day. Because summer is vacation time.


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Surely you plan to make a getaway to the beach, the mountains or go tourism in any other country. Any plan is valid to escape stress and everyday life. But, no matter how much you disconnect, you should not forget your look. The clothes will help you look spectacular. The most complicated thing about it is that the suitcases are limited and do not allow us to carry all the models that we would like. For this reason, there is a trick that will help you avoid having to carry your suitcase of clothes and look perfect every day.

The jewels, necessary for your trips

The trick is to fill your suitcase with different jewels and accessories that will give your look a different touch. You can wear the same dress on your trip, accompanying it with different jewels. Jewelry takes up very little space, due to its size. Some people are reluctant to take their jewelry on trips, because they can lose it. Jewels are to be enjoyed, so buy yourself a good lock for your suitcase and load it with jewels that will help you look perfect.

What jewels are they wearing this summer

The summer of 2021 is marked by two trends: Rose gold and rings.

Rose gold

pink gold in a ring

As we mentioned in a previous post, there are three types of gold: yellow, white and pink. The latter will accompany you this summer. Thanks to its casual color, it will give your look a sweet and youthful touch, perfect to wear it on any night of your vacation. Dare and design your own rose gold jewel with JewelrySecrets.

The rings

In summers past, bracelets were the undisputed masters of summer. But this year the rings take their place. The size of the ring must be large and it is recommended that it incorporate a precious stone or, failing that, that its shapes are asymmetrical. These types of rings are known as cocktail rings and they are the perfect complement to wear it during the day.

This summer, enjoy your jewelry

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