Jewelry to wear in the summer: a stylish break

A wonderful time of year deserves wonderful style. The summer has a warmth that is inherent and so intense that it reaches jewels . This season is rejuvenating and people under the sun, on the shores of the sea, give themselves a well-deserved vacation after months of intense work. To rise to the occasion, many jewelry designers devote part of their time and effort to create jewelry to wear in the summer.

Jewelry to show off in the summer

Jewelery with flowers are the chic touch of summer. Floral charms, earrings that imitate the petals of roses and gerberas are the garden that will make your body look like Eden. Undoubtedly, they are pieces that women who love nature and, more especially, flora, choose time and time again.

floral charm

For the gold that is acquired on the beach to look spectacular, the ideal is to wear white clothes and wear silver jewelry or white gold. If your skin is brown, you do not need to go to the beach, because such a beautiful color is your own, then the only thing that runs on your account is to wear jewelry of these metals.

The summer 2012 rings are pure luxury. Their shapes, sizes and styles are varied. Color is imposed, which is why the incorporation of colored gems that are different, but which combine, can be a spectacle worthy of appreciation; We could well be talking about a design that combines water sapphire (intense blue) with aquamarine (a pale blue tone), think about it, you will be the queen of the seas.

The soul of summer

Bracelets are the soul of summer. The use of textile pieces of short sleeves or top allows the wrists to wear handles or bracelets with a life of their own. In addition, wearing several bracelets at the same time adds fresh and youthful music to your movements, very coherent to this station, right?

elegant bracelet

For summer nights, you should use bracelets somewhat thinner. Today quality bracelet designers have set their fertile imagination to work and the result has been unprecedented. Bracelets with precious stones that simulate the body of animals; pearl bracelets with geometric designs very sophisticated; set of bracelets made under a common inspiration; designed to use the same day, but at different times; metal bracelets of different textures, a classic of the Aztec Civilization, are just some of the pieces that prevail at this time.

The summer adventure: ethnic jewels

ethnic jewelry is what you and your summer need. Colors and shapes come to fill your summertime fun of history. Due to the great color of these jewels , they can be used with dresses , jeans and printed blouses or in uniform colors, They go well with any piece of your wardrobe. Now, do not use all these accessories at the same time, because you could see yourself overloaded and remember: simplicity is the key to elegance .

necklace in a neck

I wish you enjoy the warm summer with a magical style; the right jewelry can help. Send the article to other people by leaving your comments on social networks. Thank you and happy holidays.

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