Jewels you can’t miss if you are looking for elegance


The jewelers apart from being in charge of making incredible pieces so that later they can be worn in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets … they are the place where the jewels are kept. There are countless shapes, sizes, colors … Jewelers ranging from the most modern to the most classic. Who when saying jeweler does not come to mind a beautiful old piece that when opened it sounded a beautiful melody and a dancer came out dancing. Many of you have surely had a piece like this inherited from your grandmothers or have been able to see it on occasion. And is that this type of jewelers not only exist in the movies.

The interior is what matters

box with jewels

But the most important thing about the jeweler is what it hides inside, the jewels. It is important to always have certain pieces of jewelry that will make your day to day easier and will help you get out of the way if a special occasion arises unexpectedly. And there are jewels that are a classic if you want to look elegant so they cannot be missing in your jewelry box.

Short earrings: the elegance of simplicity

short earrings

Long earrings only look good with certain items of clothing and almost always with hair up, so it is recommended that you have them in the jewelry box but not essential. What you can never miss to look elegant and get out of the way at any unexpected moment are some pretty short earrings. If you are very classical, pearls will be your best ally, but if you like to look more modern and elegant at the same time, choose a precious stone such as an emerald, a ruby ​​or, failing that, less expensive but very helpful stones such as amber. or nacre . The advice for elegance lies in simplicity, so the simpler your earrings are, the better you will look.

Pearl necklace: the elegance of a classic

Girl with pearls

Pearl necklaces are a classic and a piece that every woman should have in her jewelry box. It is a jewel that never goes out of style so it is important to invest in cultured pearls as they will last a lifetime. The length of the necklace depends on your tastes, your physical constitution, the features of your face and the clothes you choose to wear. The pearl necklace is that piece that should never be missing in your jewelry box if you want to look elegant all your life.

Asymmetric bracelet: the elegance of the modern

silver bracelet of a cross

Bracelets are a classic, but there is a piece that cannot be missing in your jewelry box if you want a modern and different look, an asymmetrical bracelet. This type of bracelet is characterized by unevenness and moves away from the traditional oval shape of bracelets. They are ideal to put on the forearm and give personality and dynamism to your look despite helping to highlight your more elegant side.

Original ring: the elegance of being yourself

minimalist rings

But despite what many say, elegance resides in your personality. Being elegant is having personality and bringing out the best in you. That’s why design your own ring , a unique piece that highlights your strengths and weaknesses. Think of something that defines you, a different shape or color and create your own ring. In JSecrets you propose us what you want and we design it for you. Because wearing a unique piece will be something that you cannot miss in your jewelry box.

Add simplicity, a classic, modernity and personality to your jewelry box

You will look elegant on any occasion.

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