Live the summer with intensity, a gift of jewelry design

Contemporary jewelry brings proposals that combine quality and exclusivity with creativity and the dynamism typical of summer; proposals for you to reaffirm your style under the sun and by the sea.

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The summer jewels have their own identity without losing sight of elements that allow them to be at the height of a jewel of any another season. But what are the specific patterns of summer jewelry?

Summer jewelry patterns

  • Quality and class: every jewel must have these qualities, but in a jewel of the summer season it is essential that these be present, because in this period your social will increase, and you must present you every time with a personal style, very chic and full of charisma.
  • Maximum freedom: in this season’s jewelry, comfort and freedom of movement prevail, that is, what Coco Channel defined as essential for the female haute couture. The pompous jewels, with which you feel tied are totally prohibited during the holiday period.
  • Color: the color in these jewels has to be a waste. Combining the colors and shades of the gems with the wardrobe and other accessories can give you an imposing and at the same time modern look. Do not lose sight of the fact that summer nights require a little more simplicity and sobriety, only then will you achieve the long-awaited elegance.

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  • Shape and design: The imagination of a jewelry design artist flourishes this season. This is the time to create true works of art for women. It plays with shapes and proportions, natural spaces are recreated, as well as elements that surround us daily such as flowers, animals, stars, only that they are expressed in the jewel from another perspective and with a specific concept. With the designs of this summer everyone is pleased: from the most classic look to those who adore pieces with an extravagant air.

Accessories for the beach

It is a summer classic to go to enjoy the sea, or at least a swimming pool. Well, before this occasion, it is not advisable to wear a quality jewel, or if you wear it, it is better not to bathe with it on, as it could get lost in the waves, or in the case of the pool, the waters of these are treated with chlorine to prevent diseases, and chlorine is an agent with the ability to mistreat your jewel.

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For you to enjoy without fear, it is better that you wear jewelry that is within the category of costume jewelery or that known as luxury costume jewelery in which Gold-Filled is very popular, and not a valuable jewel, such as gold or silver.

I hope to receive your comments online, what are your favorite jewels for the summer? Socialize your answer on social media. Greetings and see you soon.

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