Pendants or charms: A magic touch close to the heart

Pendants or charms are not only decorative jewels, but also have magical symbolism.

It is said that kings, pharaohs and prophets used pendants and pectorals with stones and specific elements that gave them power and protection.

The pendants or charms: A sensual and daring touch to the look of women

When we talk about highlighting the feminine, what better than jewelry created with marked and intense details, such as pendants or charms, which also to give a lot of play in terms of their shape, they give a sensual and daring touch to the look of women.

A pendant will not only give you greater presence and style to your neckline, but it also goes well with gala or evening dresses due to its shape with elaborate geometric figures. Similarly, the design of a pendant can look better if you know how to combine it with matching earrings and a bracelet or bracelet.

ethnic jewels

Silver charms in a circular shape with stone settings give a majestic touch. You can also add enamels, exotic stones that give a unique style to these attractive jewelry accessories.

Design of a pendant or pendant

To design a pendant , I find ideas by observing my surroundings, everyday events inspire me. Inspiration can come from a poem, a song, a story where places and feelings are described that I can associate with the drawing or the line of a pendant. Nature is also an infinite source of stimuli for inspiration.

Pendants are jewels used mainly by women, however many men like to use necklaces and charms. Even boys and girls adorn themselves by hanging a pendant around their neck with a cross, with the initial letter of the name or their favorite character, flowers and small hearts. For this reason, the jewelry designer should think about who is going to wear it before starting a design.

silver heart

To design original pendants it is advisable to think about the appropriate sizes. Taking into account that if they are for girls or people with delicate tastes, these should be small. The larger charms or pendants usually depend on the trends of the fashion. There are seasons when very bulky charms and ornaments are styled.

Give a pendant to the mother

Giving a mother a pendant is a fantastic idea. Currently, designers make charm designs for mothers in different materials and shapes, recreated with tenderness and care, reflecting the undeniable elegance of noble materials. The pendants that represent children or babies symbolize the children of the wearer of the jewel, these representations can be simple, with a childish and friendly touch, or more realistic and allegorical.

The designs of charms for mothers are a tender and romantic custom, which allows mothers to carry forever close to their chest the memory of their children manifested in a beautiful jewel.

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