Personalized jewelery from our family


Family is a fundamental part of our lives. Taking into account the training that is given to us since childhood in the bosom of our home is that we develop our identity and personality, that is why the rules and patterns of good education, dialogue, respect, support should reign in each family mutual.

Well, the family, given its importance for society and for each individual in particular, has aroused sufficient motivation in the design of contemporary jewelry and has achieved that is reflected in a jewel, the identity and substance of a whole family.

Heraldic jewelry: family emblems

The origins of heraldic jewelry lie in the Middle Ages. It was born for practical purposes as a means of identification in warfare, but it became popular in such a way that both nobles and gentlemen began to decorate many of their belongings including jewelry such as rings and cuffs.

The present has revealed in heraldic jewelry a way to authenticate our existence, to impregnate originality to our objects, in addition to this it is accompanied by the sense of history and the luxury of the medieval era. Heraldic jewelry stands out for being elegant, which is why it is perfect for special occasions such as a graduation or a wedding. In heraldic jewelry the permanent heritage of a family is present, that is why for future generations we must give away some heraldic cufflinks with that symbol that identifies a whole lineage.

The signet rings

Signet rings embody a tradition and heritage that families can pass on from generation to generation. The use of a signet ring arises from the custom of noble families for the use of correspondence, using it in the form of a seal, hence its name, to close the letter with sealing wax. signet rings have been made of precious metals such as gold and silver, according to a specific design, which may be due to the mere artistic imagination of the jewelry designer or it may meet the personal taste of the jewelry designer.

Personalized jewelry for a family

The personalized jewelry has multiple advantages, one of them is that jewelery will never go out of style, because it has a much deeper and more emotional meaning, which surpasses aesthetics, in addition to the sense of belonging that is created with a personalized jewel is not surpassed by any other.

In order for you to show the pride and love that you feel for each of the members of your family, what we can call family jewels is very topical in today’s jewelry because they have symbols that characterize the members of a family, with their names, or the family crest.

In keychains, badges, signet rings and cufflinks, you can find figures representing mum, dad, children, pets; made from luxury materials such as silver and gold, always seeking to give that particularity to jewels with a well-determined purpose, to make the jewel equal to our family: unique.

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