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The diamond has such an exclusive glamor that it has allowed it to be one of the gems most used by the jewelry design of yesterday and today, positioning itself as the gemstone number one in engagement rings.

However, the success of diamonds has exceeded any expectations that we could have. At present, they have become an ingredient for treatments of nails, skin and hair, since scientific studies dictate the ability of this stone to rejuvenate the skin and the shine it brings to hair. That is why world elite houses such as Guerlain and Bulgari use diamond dust in the manufacture and treatment of cosmetics.

The manicure and pedicure of the stars of the entertainment industry has also reached the extreme of luxury thanks to the enamel of nails the most expensive in the world containing 267 carats of black diamonds. Jennifer López and Miley Cyrus are two who have succumbed to the spectacular shine that their nails experience thanks to the diamond dust.

The world’s most popular diamonds

When we talk about diamonds and the aura of luxury and elegance that always accompanies them, we cannot omit the brief reference that should be made to some of the most popular diamonds in the world, either because of their history or because of their qualities.

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The Orlov Diamond

It is a diamond originally of 300 carats and currently after carving, around 189 carats. It is part of the Kremlin diamond collection. This diamond was used as the eye of the Sri Ranganatha statue, a deity to whom the Srirangam temple in southern India was consecrated. After a theft and multiple sales, the gem came into the hands of the Russian Count Grigori Orloff, who acquired it for a huge amount of money, giving it as a gift to Tsarina Catherine the Great who placed it in the imperial scepter.

The Regent

As the story goes, it was discovered in India in 1698. Its original gross weight was around 410 carats. It was carved and later re-carved and is currently 136 karat. It is considered the most beautiful diamond in the world, given its cleanliness and perfect cut. The Dilancesan crown acquired this gem in 1717, and it is currently on permanent display in the Louvre Museum.

The Taylor – Burton diamond

Of 69.42 carats whose shape mimics a pear, it was found in 1966 in a South African mine. Richard Burton bought it for $ 1.1 million and gifted it to Elizabeth Taylor. After the death of the famous actor, Elizabeth sold him the diamond for $ 2.8 million, giving the money as a donation to an NGO for the construction of a hospital in Africa.

The Diamond Hop

At 45.52 carats it is blue in color. The English banker Hope bought the diamond, after his death, his son lost his fortune. The stone was in the hands of an American, Mrs. Evalyn Walsh McLean, whose family experienced a series of misadventures. Since then, the gem has gained a bad name, as it brought misfortune to whoever was its owner. Today the stone rests at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

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