The art of jewelry and erotic art

Jewelry as the only female wardrobe

three necklaces

History shows us that the value attributed to jewelry exceeds the purely aesthetic. A family, conjugal or generically affective symbol, garments have been considered as authentic treasures of sentimental value. However, contemporary jewelry offers us a new perspective that confirms the creative genius that rests in the hands of the jewelry designer artist.

This time, as the pinnacle of erotic thought, as the perfect and unique outfit in a female body, shows the broad perspective and versatility of the art of the jeweler, which with long light, creates a purely handmade wardrobe, either in gold or in silver, for a recurring muse: women. Jewels like those of today, loaded with geometric elements and recreated natural shapes, are ideal to show the most sensual side of a woman.

The topic jewelry-eroticism is interesting in a double sense. It reveals an art dealing with a theme (eroticism) that must be carefully treated so as not to cross the line, fall into the offensive and grotesque and then disappear as art. Although the erotic is openly discussed (being understood and accepted by the public) in cinema, photography, plastic arts, visualize it from the Jewelry can be somewhat difficult, but doable.

The other point lies in the possibility of making a jewel so artistically well thought out, that by wearing the naked body of a woman, be able to stand out and act as a magnet for everyone who views the scene. Without a doubt, it is a merit of modern jewelry, it has made jewelry designers go beyond any creative frontier.

Erotic elements of a jewel

We all probably remember that intense scene from the multi-award-winning film Titanic, in which Jack Dawson (played by actor Leonardo DiCaprio) at the request of Rose Dewitt Bukater, (Kate Winslet) draws her using exclusively that exotic necklace: The Heart of the Sea.

Rose necklace in Titanic

Pearls are one of the elements that can be present in a jewel and contribute to its sensuality. The jewelry with pearls in addition to elegance and glamor give a touch of excellence and femme fatal, which will allow you, whether dressed or naked, attract all eyes to you. It is the precious stone number one if you want to highlight the delicacy of your skin, either with pearl pendants, earrings, designer rings , etc. We must also do justice and mention that they are widely used in engagement rings.

The color red has managed to position itself as a symbol of passion and unbridled love, that is why a ruby ​​ (from Latin rubīnus, from rubĕus, red) for having that color, identically it is believed to be symbol of passion. The jewels speak, describe how we are, and a woman who wears a jewel of rubies reveals her intense feeling and sensuality.

I hope the article has been interesting for you, without a doubt it is a somewhat new topic but that leads us to the following reflection: jewelry is a wide range art, which can be merged with other arts and achieve interesting results, don’t you think? I look forward to your comments on social networks. See you soon!

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