The Art of Seduction: 7 keys to being an expert

“Challenge, and I do not wish, is at the heart of seduction.” Jean Baudrillard

My article today is specially dedicated to those beautiful women, full of charm and inner strength, who visit my blog. I have prepared this text with all my respect and admiration for them. I will be satisfied if at the end of reading it, each one of them feels more beautiful and self-confident. My purpose is to remind those women from different latitudes of the planet, that in them, in you, beats the possibility of unleashing an irresistible power of seduction.

My present to you:

The 7 Keys to becoming an expert woman in the art of seduction.

1. Love yourself completely

This key is knowing how to find and appreciate the beauty that is inside and outside of you. It’s about being delighted with your own company and giving yourself the love and respect that you hope to receive from others. This seems unquestionable, but the truth is that many people do not love themselves completely, do not accept themselves as they are and live rejecting themselves.

love yourselfIt is different from being a narcissist, because a true seductress cares about others and provokes admiration from both men and women, since she relates from empathy with those around her.

So dear friend who now read to me, always look at yourself with kind eyes, without judging yourself, so that you can really bring out the most seductive version of yourself.

2. Develop self-confidence

Seductive women exude a good sense of humor and self-confidence. They are confident in what they want and the value of what they have to offer, yet they are not eager to impress and please.

That is why it is so important that you trust yourself fully, because only when you are convinced of your great worth as a woman, will you naturally be able to convince the people around you.

Seduction and trust are intimately linked; A positive perception of yourself will allow you to value your qualities.

3. Boost your capacity for empathy

Your capacity for seduction will increase when you also learn to connect with the emotional states of others. Empathy is an art closely linked to seduction, which involves showing the other that you like how they are and that you enjoy and appreciate their company. That almost automatically causes an increase in their responsiveness towards you.

4. Find and live your Passion

Finding your Passion, consists of finding your creative element, that activity that awakens your greatest enthusiasm, in such a way that while you are doing it you do not feel the need for anything else.

A passionate woman is convinced of her own ideals, is enthusiastic about everything she does on a daily basis and shows an open attitude towards new interests and experiences.

Find activities and hobbies with which you feel full and vital. Live with Passion and put your heart in everything you say and do.

5. Show your most smiling face.

beautiful smile

There is a well-known phrase that says: “Smile, because you never know who is going to fall in love with your smile.”

The truth is that men like smiling women, with a good sense of humor. If a smile is natural and sincere, it has an amazing magnetism to catch everyone’s attention.

Remember as Gandhi said, that if you smile, the mirror will smile back 😀

6. Enrich your mind, cultivate your interests

To become that fascinating and seductive woman you want to be, you must awaken your mind, enrich it with knowledge that gives life to your conversations. But remember also, precious, that it takes two people to make a good conversation. And half the charm of a woman is being a good listener.

Allow others to speak, without interrupting them, ask them, take an interest in them and listen to them patiently.

You can expand your intellect by reading books from different fields, on philosophy, entrepreneurship, psychology, art, history, jewelry design, any subject that awakens your most curious and creative side.

Expand your interests and your perspectives to cover a broader horizon, you will be surprised to realize how many interesting things you discover, that you can share in your conversations and meetings, arousing the fascination of your interlocutors.

7. Delight in your seductive energy and expand it to the world

Launch yourself on the adventure of displaying your natural charms that will enhance your seductive energy. Come out of anonymity, be open and receptive to the many gifts life has to offer.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself in all your authenticity, show off your personal styl . Give your best at every moment and you will get to the very heart of seduction.

girl with sunglasses

Beautiful friend, I hope these words benefit you in the search for your seductive potential. I will be delighted to hear your opinions and hopefully you will be encouraged to share your own “secrets and weapons of seduction” with all the readers of this blog.

If you liked this article, please take a few seconds to send it to your friends and share it on social networks, so that other beautiful women like you can benefit from these seduction keys 😉

I say goodbye with an affectionate hug to all.

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