Tie clip, a touch of elegance and distinction

man with a golden ring

The tie clip is also known as a tie pin or tie clip. It is the indispensable companion of the cufflink, both essential accessories for the elegant and distinguished man.

The tie clip, a complement to take into account

Men’s jewelry accessories are the end result that give personality and character to the image of men, thus representing their personal tastes and sense of elegance.

Depending on the specific style of each person, the tie clip designs can be defined, always matching their cufflinks. The themes are varied, images or motifs can be represented that highlight our tastes, or identify us such as sports elements, company logos, brotherhoods, social clubs, clubs, etc.

Our own initials are the most classic representation of the confident, sophisticated, enterprising man with clear ideas. The variety of finishes is diverse, depending on the purchasing power we have or are willing to spend on the chosen gift.

The most typical thing is gold, both in yellow and white, it depends on the combination that we like the most.

A silver tie clip is a great option, obviously more affordable than gold, and if you like gold as a color, you have the possibility to choose it in golden silver. If silver is your metal and color you have it easier, although always with a rhodium plating your tie clip will be perfect and thus we will avoid the natural oxidation of silver.

In the case of commemorative business gifts, groups of friends, clubs and others, for a larger quantity in series, bronze as a metal is the most economical option. Like any other metal, it can be gilded, silver or rhodium-plated, thus giving it a good finish and we will have our impeccable tie clips.

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