Wardrobe for the professional woman

The feminine vindication

In earlier times the woman was assigned to housework and raising children. The essence of her life was caring for and caring for her family; That is why those privileged few who had access to education attended centers that taught them embroidery, cooking recipes and how to be the perfect host for high-class parties.

woman with a necklace and sunglasses

In the same way it was, and currently, although to a lesser degree, it is exposed to abuse and violence of any kind, say psychological, economic and physical, by men who maintain sexist positions, which is why more than an international organization is in favor and in support of women and in protecting their rights with the primary objective of eradicating any form of discrimination that is come out against them.

In Norwegian literature there is an excellent classic, worth reading, that is closely related to the subject that we have been talking about up to here, we refer to Dollhouse, where the female protagonist at the end of the play, in an act of emancipation, decides to leave home given her husband’s position of low value towards her and the lack of recognition of the merit that she really has.

However, the current woman is apt to adopt the social position that is proposed. It can be what she wants, beyond the old and erroneous standards that undermined her intellectual capacity and tried to adjust her to a pre-established mold. These days, she plays an active role in any social arena: as an excellent wife and mother, as a successful executive, as a renowned artist, etc. Today women have a participation on par with men, in society and in their complete development as a person.

The professional woman

Working women know how important it is to create a positive prestige within the workplace based on effort and good results in each of the tasks that are part of their work content. A style that is always sober and elegant denotes their great personality and the seriousness and maturity that characterizes them, something that will be very well received in any company or workplace.

professional woman

Executives, for example, wear pieces that provide comfort, but that at the same time allow them to have a classic and sober look necessary when doing business. They also opt for outfits that know how to respond to unforeseen events, that is, if an important meeting or cocktail arises, they will not have worries or troubles since their dress will be feminine and glamorous.

Those who opted for less demanding professions generally dress more casually, which is not the same as saying they do so sloppily. Their presence is very important not only so that everyone can appreciate their class, but it also directly influences their self-esteem and therefore their own development in the workplace.

The perfect finish

What is generalized in both is their vocation to wear jewelry that gives a final touch to their wardrobe. They are going for designer jewelry that is truly fascinating and capable of uniquely enhancing their image.

Jewelry is the right complement to perfect a style, give it a fabulous finish. That is why many women use them over and over again, because they always have the same effect: to make them look exquisitely unique.

If you are a very minimalist girl, wearing a jewel made taking into account fashion designs is your ideal option, because they are simple designs, with simple and very basic geometric shapes, destined to satisfy you.

hands with jewels

Keep in mind that the most relevant thing is not to wear one jewel, nor several at the same time; what is really important is that the purpose of the jewel is fulfilled: that of making you look exclusively beautiful. Therefore it is very necessary that you combine a set with the appropriate jewel. Here we reveal some little tricks that will surely be useful to you:

-The haute couture designs are very demanding, and advocate extreme elegance, which is why wearing gold bracelets with these would be a luxury that you cannot deprive yourself of.

-If you are a lover of nature, combine a uniform colored cotton jacket with discreet cultured pearl earrings, you will be Mother Nature herself.

-A baggy pants in dark tones will style you, the perfect occasion to wear wonderful necklaces of a risky length.

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