Women with personality and jewelry to match.

“Art is a means of expression, it is the creation of that which rejoices the soul, it is a means of life, but it is above all emotion and feeling”.


How much truth we can find in so few words. Art can be many things, it can represent very different things for artistic creators, critics, as well as for the audience, but yes, it can never fail to recognize that it is emotion and feeling.

Contemporary art, seeks new supports for creation, and travels through new paths, this is what has allowed manifestations that were previously considered mere Trades such as jewelry, photography, tattoos (which are part of the so-called body art) now have the range of arts.

Contemporary jewelry has had the right to see women from another perspective. Let’s say that it has contributed to the transition from the conception of feminine object to feminine subject, that is why femininity icons such as Coco Chanel, They supported and worked in the jewelry industry. Nowadays, jewelry is not made to decorate a woman’s physique, to charge them solely with grace and make them look like an object of desire, but to contribute to her aesthetics, to complement her personality and say who she is, to help her be a professionally successful woman. The jewel no longer makes the woman, the woman makes the jewel to go a step further.

Jewelry for women of character

A woman of character is one who with maturity and diplomacy defends her own opinion, who does not mutilate her personal or professional aspirations by someone else’s decision, she is a woman with personality and that he has well traced each of the paths that he wishes to travel throughout his life.

This woman is the muse of contemporary jewelry. For them, numerous luxury jewelry houses as the prestigious Cartier design jewelry of quality and exclusive design. JewelrySecrets has its own conception of the jewelry that women with personality should wear and from there, it sets its design line.

Jewelry for women of personality must be a compendium of conjugated elements. The simplicity and the luxury, the softness and the grandeur, the own and cosmopolitan style; They are a series of pairs that seem to be in opposition, but that in the current jewelry design find their place and connect perfectly like each of the pieces that make up a great watch.

Geometric jewelry designs, which combine silver and cultured pearls offer that visual image that a successful executive or businesswoman seeks to project. Pearls give a very feminine touch and are suitable for any time of the day, as well as being one of the gems to which greater access can be had on the market thanks to the cultured pearls.

hand with purpurine and one pearl

The precious stones, already used in the traditional jewelry, they have not stopped being used by 21st century jewelry, but incorporated into contemporary designs offer a new concept, new perspectives and a style that gives freedom, elegance, charisma.

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