Your style, jewelry design and the art of seduction

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Your personal image is an important key to achieving many of your goals; but if we propose to be masters of the art of seduction it is essential for us to have a elegant personal image, genuine, good attitude, bearing, etc; all accompanied by a unique and intense personality.

Cleopatra and Giacomo Casanova are two of the historical figures that they developed the gift of seduction. However, seduction is often considered as a deceptive way to obtain a certain purpose or certain privileges, but it should not always be seen in this way, seduction should be considered as a tool capable of persuading another person, because when this person details our charms, listen to our way of speaking, fall in love with her and not necessarily from a romantic point of view.

How to improve your style to be more seductive

Returning to the starting point, your own style has a great influence on developing a seductive edge. So, how to improve your style to be more seductive? There are two changes that you must carry out mainly and without a doubt you will be an ace in seduction.

Elegance. elegance and social distinction creates a magnetic energy that makes people see you from a more interesting point of view. You have to adapt fashion to what goes with your body and age, and the outfit you wear must match your personality and way of being.

Projection. It is almost everything in seduction, the tone of your voice, what you say, the way you say it, your gestures and movements, are details that make the difference. It is not just about being attractive or beautiful, but about having a safe, sweet, and understanding way of expressing ourselves.

Jewels, seduction and you

accessories are decisive in our seductive style, above all because they contribute to the elegance that a seductive person should have. Opting for elegant jewelry, with innovative and even personalized designs, give a touch of originality that captures people’s attention.

Elegant jewelry can be found in many top-notch jewelry design houses, such as Cartier, Bvlgari, Van Cleef Arpels, among others. However, objectively, due to our economy, not all of us can acquire a jewel in places like these. Thanks to current jewelry design, and to the many designers who love their profession and demand themselves more artistically, high quality jewelry and genuine designs can be found at Consultancies jewelry and specialized stores.

Current designs, capable of making you look elegant, combine simplicity with luxury. They look in geometric shapes to find a sophisticated component to give to the woman who wears the jewel.

The pearls have great prominence this season, although we have to say that this Gems of organic origin have never gone out of style. Many women purchase pearl jewelry and claim to be making an investment. Today, we have the option of choosing Cultured Pearls to make high-quality jewelry, which allows us to access them at much more affordable prices. Without losing that genuine touch that they give us, since they are still original pearls and unique.

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Silver has always been a precious metal associated with sensuality. A silver jewel in addition to contributing to elegance as long as it is combined with a suitable wardrobe, directly influences that seductive effect you want to have.

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