5 tips to get your jewelry right as a wedding guest

A wedding is such a special moment that sometimes we forget to be natural. With the ‘less is more’ you will always be right, and whether you are the bride or if you go as a guest, it is best to display all your beauty, leaving aside the excesses.

marriage in a wedding

To choose the jewelry for a wedding to which you attend as a guest, you have to take into account a series of tips that will make you shine with your own light, without overshadowing the protagonist or yourself.

Guide to choose your jewelry for a wedding

If you have recently received a beautiful wedding invitation, do not forget to follow this guide so that your look is impeccable.

  • Jewelry is the perfect complement and you should never miss a bright element that brings light to your face or skin.

However, there are those who believe that celebrations like these are the occasion to look the more the better and it is not. Excess can make your dress go unnoticed and all eyes are directed to a single place when the ideal is to make the whole harmonious.

jewelry for a wedding

It is also not advisable to mix your jewelry with the typical bracelets or necklaces that you wear in your day to day because they do not marry well.

  • Before choosing the jewelry you will wear to a wedding you must take into account your dress, which is the main element. In terms of your style, there will be jewels that enhance it and jewels that can cause the opposite effect to that desired.

If you prefer a more daring suit, jewelry can also be, but if your look is going to be classic it is better that you stick with an option that always triumphs: gold or silver, accompanied perhaps by precious stones.

  • Do not mix different colors in your jewelry. If you go for gold, you’d better wear your gold bracelets, rings, and earrings. If you prefer white gold with diamonds, you should do the same for all pieces.

Combining different metals and gemstones will only make the whole look out of tune.

  • The hairstyle is also very important to decide. If you wear an updo you can afford a little longer earrings, but if you have chosen a hat or headdress that will already direct all eyes to your face, it is better to opt for smaller earrings.
  • He wears a small watch . The protocol says that women only have to wear a small watch or jewel watch to weddings. If you don’t have one, it is better not to bring any.

The best choice if you are a man

We do not forget the men and the preferences they must have if they attend a wedding as guests. We already told you in this post how to get the jewelry right.

We agree with the women in one piece of advice: no excesses, but in our case this warning is much more important.

If you are going to a wedding your choice is much easier, but you have to take it into account. Wear your best watch and your favorite personalized cufflinks so as not to be mistaken.

blue cufflinks

We also recommend an accessory that will make you lose your fear of tie knots: our Onasys needle. With it, in addition, you will be the most elegant of the party.

And you, what jewelry do you usually wear at weddings? Tell us about it and let’s make together the definitive guide on the type of pieces for such a special moment.

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