A classic jewel for lovers: engagement rings

engagement ring on a white background

A classic jewel for both women as for men they are the rings . When we talk about sentimental meaning of a jewel, we are unforgivable not to mention the engagement rings as l a classic piece that represents the love of a couple, and not just anyone, but the one that is for life, since This is the expectation when it is contracted marriage.

The jewels, as we well know, are accessories that even primitive man used, but in rustic versions and of currently not valuable materials. However, they have always had an intrinsic value, either from an affective point of view or to denote a particular social position. Jewels have also been protagonists or participants in religious rituals, in stories brought to the big screen or in tragedies.

A little history of rings

The use of rings was a latent custom in the Egyptian empire, and not only by these, other peoples and civilizations such as the Greek, the Persian and the Etruscans, also knew of the use of rings. At first, the use of gold rings in Rome was exclusive to the upper and noble class, it was not until the second century that this privilege was extended to members of the armies, and years later any Roman citizen was allowed to take them.

Although the rings of antiquity were made of simple materials such as bone, glass, etc., there are important exceptions. Such is the case of the Cheops ring, a 21 carat gold jewel weighing approximately 0.2 kilograms, which is currently exhibited in the museum of Brooklyn, New York.

The most special rings: engagement rings

hand with an engagement ring

Although both terms are generally used indiscriminately, when we refer to engagement rings and to wedding rings we are not talking about the same thing. engagement rings are delivered before getting married, while marriage rings are those that are exchanged at the same time as wedding celebration.

When we are talking about engagement rings we have to say that diamonds are the best friends of women, because time and time again we see that they choose diamond rings as wedding band. Although legally the ring is not essential for the celebration of a wedding (that is, it can perfectly be contracted nuptials without being present the wedding rings), it is a very widespread practice throughout the world.

The tradition of wedding rings

The tradition of wedding rings dates back to ancient Rome. The use of rings in a general sense was widely practiced by the Romans, not as a mere accessory, but for the purpose of sealing letters and telegrams, since personal seals were carried on them. It is worth saying that before the conclusion of a contract, since the rings were an object that was always in hand, they were delivered as a guarantee of fulfillment of a specific contract. This gives rise to the tradition of the future husband of giving a ring to who would be his wife as a sign of the betrothal (promise of mutual marriage) that they contracted; then the delivery and receipt of an engagement ring revealed the real intention of to get married.

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